X Ways to Organize and Structure Your Presentation – 2024 Guide

Planning, organizing, and structuring your presentation is a complex process. Fortunately, people have different ways of how they can complete that successfully. Yet, all these ways have one common goal – sending a current message in the best possible way. 

Determining the message that you want to send is the first crucial step. First of all, you need to determine the tone of your presentation. It can be entertaining, informative, persuasive, inspiring, etc. Each tone is good for a different purpose. For instance, if you want to achieve some business goals, you should strive to make it informative and persuasive. On the other hand, if you are some sort of a leader in the company, then entertaining and inspiring presentations would be a better choice. 

Design of the Presentation


The biggest doubt of presentation developers is to choose the right design for their “product”. People usually focus too much energy on developing high-quality content. Yet, the design has its role that will help you achieve the goals that you have. Because of that, you somehow need to match it with the message that you want to send. 

Being a good designer requires enough quality skills. Unfortunately, most people do not have that sort of talent. By using pre-design templates, you can make the entire process a lot easier. Because of that, we recommend you visit and pick one of the may pre-design templates and match it with the message that you want to send. 

After you solve this problem, the organization and structure of the slides is your next task. It seems that many of us underestimate the importance of these two things. Well, it is about time to change your way of thinking and find out several ways to organize and structure your presentation. 

Let’s find out those ways together. 

What Is & What Could It Be


Sending the message in this way can be quite entertaining for the audience. Despite that, they will have the chance to meet with some facts they didn’t know before. The point of this presentation is to make a combination of two things – facts and stories. 

The first thing you should do is to present all the realities of the audience’s current world. For instance, if they are all programmers, you should talk about some facts in this industry. However, there is always some sort of gap that needs a solution. Because of that, you should make a prediction that is based on the facts that you shared. You should repeat this combination a couple of times through your presentation. 

The finish of this presentation is the most complex part. You need to provide your audience with certain solutions. Despite that, you need to have a “call-to-action” part. For instance, you need to encourage them to work harder, use different methods of work, etc. Only in that way your presentation will be complete. 

The Pitch Method


The beginning of this presentation structure is similar to the previous one. However, you do not fulfill it with a lot of facts. You just quickly summarize everything that is happening today in the audience’s world. After you make things clear, you start by highlighting the problem that the entire audience is facing. This is the moment when you need to bring a certain dose of positivity in your presentation. You need to explain to them that every problem is solvable including the one they are facing. Logically, the next step is to provide them with concrete solutions. 

This is the most important part of the presentation where you need to show a high dose of creativity. Giving only one solution to their problem will not be enough. You need to give them at least two, but the differences between these solutions need to exist. One of the solutions has to be “boring” and “casual” while the other one should be “motivational”. Logically, the point of this part is to show that the inspirational solution is the right one. Still, this doesn’t mean you should directly say that. Through your presentation, you need to support this statement with current facts. 

Finally, in the last part of the presentation, you should tell them how to turn the inspiration solution into reality. This is the moment when you need to show professionalism and knowledge. It would be great if there are some real-life examples that you can put this. Share the details that are based on those examples. 

But & Therefore Structure


Have you ever heard about the Situation-Compilation-Resolution structure? Most of the businesses that are involved in B2B sales prefer to use this presentation organization. 

The entire presentation has to be divided into three different elements/sections. The presentation starts with an analysis of the current situation. Many people are not objective in this part and they try to show that everything is negative. This is a truly bad movie. You need to show objectivity and describe reality as it is. Talk about good and bad things equally. Yet, the finish of this section should end with one BUT. 

Now you move to the second part – complication. In this part, you should tend to add tension to the story. Even if everything is great, will the good situation remain forever? You need to analyze all the potential challenges that might happen in the future. Being completely negative here would be a wrong move. Talk about a potential problem in an inspirational tone and send a message that says all those challenges can be solvable. 

How those challenges other businesses can solve is something you describe in the resolution part. This section should be linked with the word “therefore”. Explain to other people how a current product or service that you offer can meet the potential challenges. In this section, you must provide the audience with some pieces of evidence that will add credibility to the entire story.  



All three ways to organize and structure your presentation are good for different purposes. However, it is important to analyze all three of them carefully and understand why they are a good option for you. After you do the necessary analysis, you will discover which design is suitable for each way. With a perfect match, you can be sure that you will the desired results. 

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