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World Game Day May 31

Today we will tell you today is national what day. World Game Day not quite a World Day yet, but we still made it into the site. Perhaps a remnant of our childhood spirit.

World Game Day May 31

World Game Day May 31

The objective of this national day of the game is to make recognizing the play activity as a tool for learning and transmission of knowledge, an expression of cultural exchange between peoples and generations, an occupation of leisure and finally (and especially) a source of pleasure .

Universal and free

The day devoted to the party of the game is free in its form but is in the respect of a “charter”:

Free: Participation in the party of the game is free for all.

Universality: The game is for everyone, of all ages, all backgrounds, and all cultures.

Diversity: The Game Festival pays homage to gambling in all its forms, from toys to board games, whether indoor or outdoor, whether traditional or using computer video.

It is practiced everywhere: The party of the game cannot be confined to the house and can invest public places, institutions, families, streets.

Many events are organized as part of the festival of the game and we find on the internet many sites like http://electricman2.pw/ devoted to fun activities practiced in the spirit of the festival of the game. Not wishing to privilege any, we let our users perform their own research!

However, we will end this presentation with a warning: The fun activity is, we see it well, at the antipodes of the world of “gambling” with their attendant dependencies and risks of all kinds. More complete information on these topics is available on the Gambling Information website. To read and to make known.

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