What Type of Wood is Used for High-Quality Furniture in 2024?

When we invest in new furniture, we surely want the best quality, especially if we choose custom-made pieces, that will fit our home great. Also, there is nothing wrong with paying more for better quality, knowing that sometimes, today’s standards are related to the product being affordable instead of high quality, and people are trying to save money, so they buy cheaper furniture. We can’t say that there is something wrong with that, but if you really want a strong and durable bed, or something else, as you can see on NFOutlet, then you should consider investing in excellent quality furniture without hesitations.

Also, you can go for purposely designed and created pieces, and the wood that is used can give an extra luxurious look. Some types of wood are more expensive compared to the others, but surely there are more affordable options that you can choose for your new home furniture. The process of furnishing your rooms seems like something simple, but there are so many tricks you have to know, and perks you must be aware of. Choosing the right wood for it can make things more complicated than you initially thought. What are the best woods for this?

Solid wood is the direct product from the tree, and it rarely can be used for anything, because it requires some work and finishes. But, after it’s prepared for furniture-making, there are two groups: hardwood and softwood. So, we got there – the wood is prepared to be turned into something highly functional. Now, let’s see what makes one type better from the other, and which one we have to choose, according to our preferences and financial power.

Hardwood is known for its density, and it’s usually made of trees that require a few years to grow, and they are denser when older. Softwoods are easier to work with, and they still provide great quality, no matter what the name says. Engineered and manufactured wood types are made to be a cheaper and more affordable option to the people, that still want a good quality, but can’t pay much for it.

And these are the best types:

1. Maple

This is a wood with attractive natural patterns, and even though there are a few different types of maple, you can be sure that you will have good, elegant, and of course, durable furniture if you choose it for your refurnishing.


2. Pine

It’s a softwood choice, but it doesn’t make it lower in quality. The benefit is that it’s easy to work with. You can choose to keep the natural color, that is bright yellow, or you can repaint it with some transparent tone, to make it fit with your room. There can be some dark spots inside, that give an extra elegance to it.


3. Walnut

This tree is so durable, that it has a long tradition of exploitation since it was used in airplanes in World War I. Today we surely don’t use any wood for the planes, but the walnut is still one of the most appreciated materials when it comes to designing and making tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, and many more.


4. Mahogany

This is a very beautiful and lightweight material that still provides great support and durability when used to make an item of furniture. The natural color is reddish, and it can be darker or lighter, depending on how old the tree was. It’s pretty rare, and that’s why it’s expensive too.


5. Cedar

This is another material that is easy to work with. It also has red tones and exceptionally beautiful patterns that resemble mahogany, but it’s more available than it, and of course, more affordable. But, while you can’t use mahogany for outdoor pieces of furniture, cedar makes a great material for that purpose.


6. Oak

It’s mostly used for floors and kitchen cabinets. It comes in a few different types and colors, and the simple rule is that the darker it is, the better quality it provides. But, this is the only general conclusion, and it doesn’t mean if your furniture is yellowish, it won’t last long. Some cabinets are made of wood finish aluminum. The faux timber texture can be oak, maple, walnut, pine, cedar, cherry, etc.


7. Cherry

This is a very interesting choice. When it’s fresh, the color is brown, but as time goes by, it gets darker, because it lets the moisture out, and the drying process is making it harder and heavier. The material by itself provides high density, and it’s also a popular choice among people who want furniture that will last forever.


8. Redwood

It’s a popular choice among the people that, as you can suppose, prefer red tones in their rooms. It’s very resistant to moisture, which also makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Many people decide just to put a protective coat over it because there is no reason to hide that nice color. You can also put an outdoor bar furnitures to showcase the beauty of this wood.


9. Birch

This tree provides great quality and density, and the color is light, almost white, which makes it a great option for almost every type of furniture, including beds, bedroom cabinets, club tables, even indoor doors.


You can always go for already manufactured furniture, but if you want something special for yourself, then you can order what you want. There is an industrial process of furniture manufacturing, and you can’t require a lot of customization. On the other hand, when you find a craftsman who can offer handmade production, you have more freedom to choose the preferable designs and woods, and combine them nicely to fit your home.

Keep in mind that some pieces of manufactured wood should be used too, for additional support and putting all the other pieces together, and that’s a part of the standards of furniture making.

Before you decide, explore the options better, so you can find the best wood that will follow your preferences, and fit nicely in your room. Then go for a manufacturer and designer, and these people will help you get what you want, adding some personal finish to your order.

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