Leather or Pleather – Which is Better For Your Furniture?

The furniture and its material needs to be in good shape at all times which is why the purchase of any new item should be made with proper care. Leather and false leather are both extensively chosen for different aesthetic purposes.

One can easily choose a good option based on their budget concerns and personal preference. In this article, we will be differentiating between leather and pleather and how both of them have different appearances. It is important to differentiate between them to find which one is better for all your home furniture.

What is Leatherette?


Leatherette is made from synthetic materials or animal skins discarded while making better grades of leather. This particular material is specifically made to have the appearance like the real fabric and be more affordable for people who are looking for cheaper alternatives in their furniture.

There are significant differences apart from the pricing structure of this particular material. It is synthetic and can be easily recognised by touching the material. Rather than using animal skins this material is made from cloth fibers. The fibers mimic the appearance of the real compound while it is backed by polyurethane.

It can very well be considered vegan because no animals are harmed during the manufacturing of this product. The chemical smell however is stronger with this compound because everything is synthetic. It is deliberately made smoother and hence is easy to differentiate. The variations in the skin is not very obvious and the colors are more uniform with the fake option.

Grades of Leather


If you are looking for the real deal you should start while learning the different grades of leather. Any variant is typically more expensive than the fake options. We will talk about three types which are mentioned as follows:

  • High grain: This is the most expensive type of leather you can invest your money on. For getting high quality leather furniture you cannot go wrong with high grain material, which you can find when you visit this site. It is perfect for adding character to the interior of your house. Remember that this material is characterized by the uneven skin and expect to pay handsomely for it.
  • Top grain: It is a grade below then the type mentioned above. The color is somewhat more uniform with this material and gives a more compounded appearance. It is costly as well but not as much as high grain leather.
  • Genuine: One can easily mistake genuine grade for authenticity. It is of course leather but not nearly as good as the options mentioned above. People are often misled by the title and by genuine, they are thinking that it is the best they can get in the market. It is great for aesthetic value but also favors anyone who does not have a very high budget but still wants good quality furniture.

What are the Differences?


Now let us talk about the differences between the two materials to understand how authentic and synthetic options impact the appearance of your furniture.

  • Price: Authentic leather will always be on the expensive side so make sure to save up if all your furniture is supposed to be of a single type of material. Faux options available for half the price of any furniture.
  • Biodegradable: If we talk about the eco-friendly nature of the material, leather is biodegradable. The fake option is entirely synthetic and is not good for the environment so it will just fill up landfills after you are done with it.
  • Maintenance : The durability and maintenance of the furniture goes hand in hand. One cannot use damp clothes for washing genuine leather. Water will ruin the texture of the authentic material and impact durability negatively. On the other hand, the fake option can be cleaned without worrying about water exposure because the surface is less porous. One can use a damp cloth for cleaning. That being said, the former is very durable while the synthetic material is not. You can expect the furniture made of authentic leather to last for more than a decade with proper care. Synthetic furniture will be meeting maintenance and will have to be changed more frequently than its counterpart.

Over the Years

We have already mentioned that authentic leather will hold well for about 10 to 15 years with the right care and maintenance. The false leather option will only last for 5 to 8 years. After the furniture has been in constant use for years, the surface of leather appears to be more smooth even if one opts for top grain or high grain. The synthetic material can tear with constant use and will show clear signs of wearing and tearing.

The synthetic option will obviously not age well but one can expect that much if they are not investing a greater amount of money for the interior. Understand that actual leather will only hold well if it is regularly treated to prevent aging. Preventing aging is a procedure done by professionals so it is important to know how to approach the maintenance.

Which Should You Choose?


Both the materials have their own advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to the functionality and aesthetic of your interior. More than anything else, the budget concerns of a home owner plays into the type of furniture they will end up buying. Making the choice therefore is far easier than one thinks. If the budget permits one can go for a lower grade of leather rather than settling for synthetic. If money is no issue then go for high grain and have it maintained regularly.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now know how to choose the right furniture for your home. The interior aesthetic of each room in the house matters a lot while choosing furnishing and furniture. Go with either of the two depending entirely on what suits the theme of your home. Also consider the maintenance costs before finalizing the purchase.

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