Top 6 Youtube Vlogging Topics that Can Earn You Many Views

Are you thinking about starting your own youtube channel and becoming a vlogger? With the technology available to us, Youtube vlogging has become one of the top income earners in the United States. It is very simple to start and does not require massive startup capital. All you need to become a Youtube vlogger is a smartphone, a camera, and an internet connection.

You also need to have excellent editing skills, and the most important thing is creativity. In this blog, we will discuss some creative topics that you can vlog about to attract a large audience and grow your channel.

Travel Vlogs


Bring your youtube family with you on your travel adventures and show them the different travel destinations that are out there. Travel vlogs are doing so well especially during a season like now when many people are planning their holidays and are looking for ideas on places to visit with their families and loved ones. Everyone desires to travel the world but not all get to achieve this goal; watching you helps some of them see the world through you.

In your travel vlogs, show your viewers famous sights and tell them your experiences in the different destinations. If you do not like something about a certain place, tell them; that kind of information can be useful to them as well. Make sure you have a good camera and audio in order to give your people quality videos.

Daily Life Vlogs


Believe it or not, this category is one of the most-watched on Youtube. The most common types of daily life vlogs include;

    • Morning/ Night Routines: Sharing how you start your mornings and end your days. You can also include major highlights in your day and any new experiences.
  • Cleaning Routines: You pretty much share with them how you clean your house and offer a few tips on how they can go about cleaning their own homes.
  • A Day in My Life Vlogs: Sharing your entire day with your viewers, taking them to your doctor’s appointment, go to Target with them, basically welcoming your viewers to your life.

Beauty Vlogs


The most common beauty vlogs are makeup tutorials. Sharing with your viewers your makeup and skincare routines while giving them plugs to find the different products. You will be surprised at the number of women who do not know how to do their own eyebrows, haha. You can also share with them where you get your cosmetic procedures, such as your falt eyelash extensions. Click here for more information.

Beauty vlogs are very common, but each and every vlogger has their own audience. You can collaborate with others to endorse you to their viewers and do the same for them. Make sure you are an expert at beauty if you want people to actually watch you and look forward to your next vlog.

Tech Vlogs


You have probably gone on Youtube to watch a video on how to set up your new air purifier or how to change the settings on your iPhone. To become a tech vlogger, you have to have vast knowledge about technology; you do not want to give people wrong information, and they end up damaging their machines and gadgets. Be as precise as you can in your videos and answer any questions you get from your viewers, however basic it may be.

Review Vlogs


Reviewing is more like story-telling. You tell people about how something was or how an experience felt like. There are different things you can review on Youtube, such as;

  • Book Reviews: If you love reading books and you don’t mind sharing your views about a book with people, then this can be your thing. People are always looking for different perspectives from others.
  • Movie Reviews: I am sure you have gone online to search for a review about a movie before watching it. While reviewing movies, be careful not to give any spoilers; just tell people what the movie is like and if you liked it or not. Rate it out of ten for them to decide if they want to watch it or not.

Interior Design Vlogs


You can give your viewers a tour of your home and share with them your interior decor. Give them tips on how to decorate their living room, or bedroom, and any other room in a house. Tell them where they can get any decor pieces and your interior designer, if you have one.

People look for ideas on how they can organize their closets or re-do their kitchens and patio. Youtube is always the number one stop for such information. You can also offer your services if you are a professional interior designer.


These are just but a few Youtube vlogging ideas. Once you start vlogging, ensure that you are consistent because your viewers will always be looking forward to your next videos. Also, do not be too serious in your videos; include some humor, so you don’t bore your viewers. Ensure that you are passionate about your vlogging and give it your all. Start today and watch your channel grow in leaps and bounds.

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