How Much Can You Earn in an Online Casino? Guide 2024

Online casinos are certainly unknown to many people. However, despite the fact that most people lose money playing in a casino (in fact, it is the most common thing that can happen if you play in a casino), there is a small group of people who get big prizes. They may not be as big as the big lottery prizes that can be obtained with the lotteries of different countries of the world, but they are prizes that allow you to significantly improve your life. In this article we will talk about the games that can give you the most money, but always keep in mind that getting a big prize of this type is extremely unlikely and that what is very likely to happen is that you will lose all the money you play in the casino. In fact, casinos are online businesses that are based on players losing money. With this in mind, let’s see the different games we can play to aim for big prizes.

Jackpot Slots


While regular slots allow us to win big prizes, as we will see later, in jackpot slots we can win incredible prizes. We are talking about prizes that can be in the millions of euros by playing relatively small bets, perhaps a few euros per spin. This means that we can win hundreds of thousands or millions of times the amount bet if we have the great fortune of winning a jackpot. As indicated on some sites like, jackpot slots offer increasingly higher prizes, as they share the jackpot among players from different casinos. In the past, each casino had its own jackpot, so only players who bet within that online casino contributed to the jackpot prize increasing. In recent years, this has changed because the jackpot is common to all casinos that offer the possibility of playing that slot. This means that instead of players from a single casino contributing, players from all online casinos where we can play that slot contribute in the same way. This makes jackpots increase much more quickly, and some lucky player can win it much faster. In addition, this allows the jackpot to also be much larger, reaching millions of euros in just a few weeks thanks to the thousands of players around the world contributing to that price increase.

Regular Slots

Regular slots also allow us to win big prizes. While we may not be able to get a prize of millions of euros if we don’t bet very high amounts, we can win prizes that are thousands of times the amount bet. In fact, nowadays there are many slots that offer prizes of up to 5,000 times the amount bet. This means that if you are playing a slot betting $1 per spin, you can get prizes of up to $5,000, which is a huge prize despite not reaching the prize level that we can achieve with a jackpot.

Live Casino Games


We’re not talking about the traditional live casino games of roulette, blackjack, or similar, but rather live casino games that have revolutionized online casinos in recent years. These games mix augmented reality with live presenters and offer us the possibility of obtaining hundreds of thousands of euros in prizes.

These games have become very popular in recent years because, in addition to being very fun to play due to the mix of reality and augmented reality, the prizes they offer are quite high if players are lucky. Additionally, in many cases, players have the opportunity to make decisions in the game that allows them to choose the luck they will have. This is also something that has helped make them so popular, and players love the feeling of having the possibility to decide within the game, something that we can hardly do in traditional slot games.

Games with Lower Prizes

We Can Win On the other end of the spectrum, there are casino games where we can win the least amount of money in a single play. However, it is also much more likely that our play will be a winner, so we should keep this in mind. Although it may be more difficult to win a big prize or, in some cases, this may be impossible, if we win regularly, we can obtain greater long-term benefits than in high volatility games such as slots or live casino games mentioned before.

Roulette is one of the games where we can win the least amount of money. For example, color bets will only pay us what we have bet, i.e., if we bet $1 on red and win, we will receive a profit of $1 plus our initial bet of $1. In the best case scenario, the maximum prize we can obtain in roulette is 35 times the amount bet, in case we make a bet on a single number and are lucky enough to hit it. As you can see, this is far from the prizes in games such as slots where we can win thousands of times the amount bet.

Blackjack is another example of a game where we can often win prizes, but of small value. In fact, blackjack is considered the game where the player has the highest probability of winning, or in other words, where the casino has the least advantage. However, in the best case scenario, we will obtain a prize of 1.5 times the amount bet if we get a Blackjack. That is, if we bet $1 and get a blackjack, we will win our bet plus a profit of $1.5. In recent years, new variants of the traditional game of blackjack have emerged that allow players to obtain larger prizes.



As you can see, there are different types of games in online casinos that cater to the preferences of all types of players. In any case, we emphasize that we must think that the money we play will be lost, as this is the most common outcome. And we should never play money to try to recover what we have lost, as it is still the most common outcome that we will lose all the money we deposit again.

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