10 Things To Try If You Have Fogged Window Glass

Human civilization has peaked to the point where ease of daily life is of prime importance. This ease includes not only the basic amenities but also certain luxury items.

Houses in the modern world need specific prerequisites to have a comfortable experience. Here comes the importance of the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). IGUs keep the interiors warm and protects them from external weather elements. But, these glass panels can do so due to the presence of gas, which sometimes tends to get foggy. The best place to repair foggy window glass is , which can help mitigate any issue. Here are a few things to try and understand what causes window glass fogging.

1. Replacing the IGU Unit


Fogging happens due to various reasons. It is advisable to look for issues before replacing the entire unit. But, these products usually have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. A warranty makes it easier to replace the entire product instead of certain parts. This replacement is necessary when the window panels and their parts get older. Manufacturers do not provide replacement parts, and as a consumer, it is better to replace the complete unit. The seal inside the IGU unit is replaceable, but it costs more. Thus, it is always better to replace the entire unit when window glass gets fogged.

2. Use of Anti-Fog Solution

Anti-fog solutions get applied to a lot of different products. These sprays help in keeping the fog away from the window surface. Fogging happens due to condensation and is unpleasant to the eye. Anti-fog sprays help to keep the surface clean by making a thin layer between the surface. The layer created decreases the surface tension making it less foggy. The chemicals present in these type of sprays help to prevent the window from fogging and provides a clearer view.

3. Cleaning

The easiest but most effective way to stop windows from fogging is to keep a check on them at regular intervals. Once it is already dirty and help becomes necessary, it is important to keep window panes clean to prevent further fogging. There are various products available that are affordable and easy to use on a daily basis. This sounds easy, but regular maintenance decreases the chance of window panel fogging.

4. Using a Dehumidifier


Windowpane fogging happens due to the presence of moisture inside the house. It is a well-known fact that condensation can lead to window panels getting foggy. The same goes for moisture present in the air, which gets stuck in between the panels of IGUs. Dehumidifiers are available at cheap prices in stores and help in preventing foggy windows.

5. Protecting the windows

Window panels made of glass will get foggy, and prevention is necessary to keep them clean. Factors like the outside weather and the changing season are not controlled by anybody, but certain measures are useful. Window film kits are one such thing that prevents the collection of moisture between the panels.

6. Repair kit

Problems with household items are something to deal with on a daily basis. Assitance on the matter is tough to get from professionals because the work might not be important enough for them to pay a visit. There are repair kits available in the market to help with such requirements. Sometimes, it might be a small change, like tightening the seal around the panel. These kinds of minute tasks are doable with the proper kit.

7. Use of Energy-Efficient Windows


The use of energy-efficient windows is not something for repairing; instead a precautionary measure. Energy-efficient windows have higher prices compared to regular IGUs. But, a one-time investment at the initial stage is enough to help in days to come. Good quality window panes insulate the rooms and keep the moisture away. Loss of heat through window panes makes up around 20 to 30% of energy usage in the house. As a preventive measure, a better quality energy efficient window panel will not get fogged compared to the cheaper ones.

8. Proper Installation

The window panel’s improper installation will not affect it from the beginning. But, with time will start to reflect on the surrounding glass panel. Seeking professional help or not, in either of the cases, it is important to follow the exact guidelines mentioned with the given product.

9. Ventilation

There are various factors due to which fogging of glass windows occurs, and one of the primary reasons is ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause moisture to form in the room interiors causing fogged window panes. Cleaning the window panes is not enough to keep from fogging, but ventilation is important also.

Window panes and glasses can have dirt in them and in turn, may cause problems like fogging. Trapped moisture plays a similar role and thus important to keep it at bay.

10. Checking for mold growth


Windows get fogged due to various reasons, but primarily include temperature and moisture. Moisture can cause the growth of molds because if it is stuck on glass surfaces for a long period, condensation causes molds to form. The formation of molds is unpleasant to the eye and poses health risks. Timely checking of such growth and proper maintenance is important. Good quality airtight seals prevent molds from forming on window panels and help in keeping the panels clean.


Fogged window glasses are an eyesore and disrupt the entire aesthetics of the house. Various factors contribute to the formation of fog in the panels between glass surfaces and are easy to get rid of with proper maintenance. Professional help is necessary sometimes when glass panels shatter or get damaged due to old age. But, proper maintenance and cleaning help to solve most of the problems. Using anti-fog sprays or a better quality glass panel helps a lot. The steps discussed above are helpful for most of the issues without requiring professional help. It is important to keep regular checks of such occurrences, which might cause fogging of glass panels, but timely cleaning solves most of it.

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