How Technology is Revolutionizing Online Roulette in India

How Technology is Revolutionizing Online Roulette in India

Is online roulette the best casino game in India? The short answer is it depends. If you like simple, thrilling games of chance—you should try out roulette. It comes in several variations, from European to American roulette.

Playing online roulette is fun. And we have technology to thank for it. As you’ll discover below, technology plays an important role in the growth of online roulette in India.

Indian Online Roulette Casinos were First to Integrate Roulette Technologies

Indian Online Roulette Casinos were First to Integrate Roulette Technologies


Online casinos in India embraced roulette technology in the early days of online gaming. First, they integrated these games with better graphics to improve players’ experiences.

Secondly, they adopted betting coding methods to create smooth games that could work on different platforms. These casinos have adopted a lot more technologies over the years.

Some other online roulette technologies obtained by Indian websites include cryptocurrencies, blockchain, live gaming, and mobile support. Continue reading to learn more about these innovations. Discover how they make online roulette great.

Mobile Gaming

More than 70% of online casino players in India play roulette through an Android or iOS device. Surprisingly, this revolution of mobile gaming happened in the last decade.

If you wanted to play casino games online in 2005, you had to own a desktop computer or laptop. Now, you can play your favorite online game through a low-budget Android phone.

The best part is that you don’t need to download a casino app. Most mobile casinos in 2024 operate through browsers. They use web apps to create roulette games you can play without downloading software.

Mobile roulette is more convenient than playing the game on a desktop computer. That’s because you can carry your smartphone everywhere you go. Also, it’s handheld. You can whip it out of your pocket and use it to play games while in bed, on the bus, or sunbathing by the beach.

Live Casinos

Live Casinos


Live casinos are an improvement of conventional online roulette games. They provide a platform to play table casino games against human opponents in a virtual environment.

In roulette, the casino is your opponent. Still, playing the game virtually at a live casino provides a better experience. The house uses a real wheel with a true paytable on the side.

You can talk to your croupier. You can watch as the croupier spins the wheel. This increases the authenticity of online casino gaming. It also makes some roulette versions social.

Take lightning roulette as an example. This game works like a TV show. The croupier stands in front of a real roulette wheel. Behind him or her is a digital wall with roulette numbers.

Lightning roulette is a multiplayer game. However, it has 37 numbers—similar to European roulette. The only difference is that it pays 500x your stake if you select certain numbers.

Crypto and the Blockchain

Bitcoin introduced a new way to buy stuff online. With crypto, you can deposit money at an online casino located in Curacao while in your house in Mumbai. Crypto supports both small and large payments.

You can deposit $10 worth of Ripple coins if you’re on a small budget. Or you could deposit $100,000 if you’re a high-stakes player. Indian roulette players who use crypto love it because it has low fees. It’s also fast, safe and convenient.

Online casinos love Bitcoin for the same reasons. It helps them save money. And it’s an investment asset. When it gains value, casinos that own Bitcoin or a different crypto coin make money.

That being said, the blockchain provides the most benefits to iGaming. This decentralized ledger of records also acts as a platform for creating decentralized apps.

Ethereum’s blockchain hosts 3000+ decentralized apps. Some of these apps act as banks. Others are social media sites that pay content creators better than YouTube, Medium, and Twitch.

Then there are decentralized casino games. Built on the blockchain, these games require you to own Bitcoin or Ethereum to play. However, they work like regular games.

In fact, they’re provably fair. You can verify that a roulette game’s RNG algorithm is truly fair and not rigged.

VR and AR

VR and AR


Virtual reality games are spreading left, right, and center in India. Nearly every major video game publisher is working on VR and AR games. The online casino industry in India isn’t about to be left behind.

In the past five years, at least five software providers have created VR or AR-powered games. Most of these companies focus on slots due to their enormous popularity.

However, you can also play Virtual Reality roulette in India. All you need is a computer with good features. Also, you need an HD camera, fast Internet, and VR headsets.

Virtual reality transports you into a different, immersive world to make your experience more entertaining. Augmented Reality changes your background to reflect your dream locations. You could play roulette with Machu Picchu as your background.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing every online industry. Some people are afraid it’s disrupting businesses so much that it might not be worth it. In the online casino space, AI is changing all aspects of the sector.

Let’s start with game development. A growing number of game studios use AI to generate game ideas. AI tools generate hundreds of ideas and the creative team chooses which idea to select.

Secondly, AI helps casinos personalize every player’s experience. They use it to monitor your playing habits. Let’s assume you like to play French roulette, blackjack, and video slots.

A casino can help give you bonuses specific to French roulette or video slots. They also give you offers that are per your budget. Another way AI helps roulette sites is to keep you safe. Casinos use AI tools to monitor players who need a break from gambling. And they make appropriate recommendations.


Online Roulette in India


Technology is one of the biggest contributors to the success of online roulette in India. Technology makes online roulette more enjoyable. It makes it more convenient and accessible to the majority of players in the country.

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