Sucre or La Paz : The Capital city of Bolivia

Capital city of Bolivia

The capital city of Bolivia Sucre or La Paz? Generally each country has a capital, but in the case of Bolivia, a country located in the center of western South America and officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia, there are two capitals, a constitutional capital such as Sucre. Judicial Branch and the city of Peace, as its political and governmental headquarters.

Capital city of Bolivia

Sucre, is also the capital of the Department of Chuquisaca, and is considered one of the best preserved colonial cities in America in terms of its architecture. It is the second Bolivian city to which UNESCO has been awarded the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1991, since the first was Potosi in 1987.

For its part, the city of La Paz which is the capital city of Bolivia, officially known as Nuestra Senora de la Paz, and also the capital of the Autonomous Peace Department, is the most important city of Altipampa and the closest to Peru. In 2014, it was considered one of the seven new wonders of the world by the New Seven Wonders Foundation, presided over by the Swiss Bernard Weber.

Capital city of Bolivia

Interesting Facts about La Paz :-

Cal Orcko :-

There is a beautiful place in capital city of Bolivia called Cal Orcko. It is Located a few kilometers from the city of Sucre, in the Department of Chuquisaca, in a cliff that has 80 mts. Of height and 1200 km. Long, with a slope of 73 degrees, considered as the most prominent pale ontological site of dinosaur footprints in the world, since in that place can be observed over 5000 prints or prints of approximately 294 species of dinosaurs. Therefore this place is a tourist attraction very sought after by all who travel to this destination, since it truly constitutes a rather interesting historical site, which is visited not only by large but also the smallest of the house.

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Cretaceous Park :-

In order to preserve the Cal Orcko paleontologist site, this beautiful place was inaugurated in March 2006, 300 meters from this place, sponsored by the Inter-American Bank, the National Cement Factory FANCESA and the Bolivian Cement Company SOBOCE. This wonderful Cretaceous Park recreates in one of the most majestic natural environments to the protagonists of the history, that is to say, to the dinosaurs, and there the visitors will be able to realize a trip to the prehistory, through a series of audio visuals that show the Period in which this species of animals dominated the earth and also to observe samples or exact replicas of these large specimens of high height and large size.

Government Palace of Bolivia :-

Known colloquially as Palacio Quemado, due to the fire it suffered in 1875, it is one of the sites, seat of executive power of the Sucre or La Paz government. It is located in the street Commerce opposite the Plaza Murillo in the center of the city of La Paz, next to it is the Metropolitan Cathedral and to the left the Legislative Palace of Government where the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Senators or national assembly of this country. It is one of the must visit places for tourists due to its wonderful and impressive architecture.

Metropolitan Cathedral :-

Also called Metropolitan Cathedral, it is located in the Plaza Murillo de la Paz, its construction began in 1835 and was inaugurated in 1925, when the country celebrated its first centenary of being founded. And in 1989 were inaugurated its lateral towers, which occurred at the same time as the visit of Pope John Paul II to the country.

Its architecture draws the attention of all those who come to know it, because it has on its façade beautiful columns of Corinthian style and also some ornaments that remind us of the Roman Greco style, as well as a huge metallic dome in the center of it, And two small in metal, which serve as crown the lateral towers of the cathedral.

Jaen Street around which there are many myths and legends that come from the colonial era, is considered one of the most important streets of the city of La Paz. It is located in the old town, a few meters from the Plaza Murillo, and remains totally cobbled. This famous street offers the visitor a number of places to go, such as the 10 museums in it, whose headquarters are the colonial houses that belonged to distinguished families of the area, the various bars and restaurants where you can taste the drinks And Bolivian gastronomy.

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