How To Create Stunning Online Contest For Your Business – 2024 Guide

Online contests have become the smartest way to gain web traffic, increase engagement, and grow subscribers’ lists. It is essential to determine which social networks you will use. Businesses of different sizes are ready to leverage values from these contests. However, if it is the first time you will host the game, you may need some guidance. Take into account what the reward will be and whether you will deliver it to the client. Mostly, businesses choose social media for these contests. You may also prefer your website and other platforms to invite contestants and entice them with your giveaways. If the reward they give you is too expensive, many will think it is a scam. That is why you must gain your potential customers’ trust and, of course, award the prize.

Considerations before running a contest


Your first step is to identify the best time to host a contest. We have presented you with some scenarios when you can think of investing in an online game.

  • You like to create a buzz in your target audience.
  • You need to increase the number of customers.
  • Your website needs more traffic and more sales.
  • You are looking for user-generated content and social media followers.
  • Thus, you have to identify your goals to host a contest.
  • Type of contests that serve your purpose
  • Will it be a simple giveaway with a random drawing of the winner? Contestants will input their details and try out their luck to win.
  • Will it be a promotional campaign? Everyone signing up with your website within a limited period will grab an offer.
  • You have to make out what works best for your business.
  • The most important thing is to choose the right target group. If you are selling makeup, you need to focus on the female population.
  • If you sell toys for children, gender does not play a big role, but they play for years. Parents who have small children and want to buy a toy in your store must be sought.

Choosing the prize for your contest


There is no need to buy costly prizes for winners. Free products, free services, and gift certificates are some commonly chosen prizes for online contests. However, try to be creative to decide on your tips. Most importantly, your giveaways have to be desirable, valuable, and memorable to your potential leads. To get the best result, the prize must be relevant to your business. You can offer multiple-tiered prizes to the winner and the first two runners-up.

Determine your online contest rules

Most of the contest creators feel confusing while setting rules. While developing the contest entry rules, you have to mention-

  • The age limit of contestants
  • Location-related restrictions
  • The last date of the contest
  • Your method of choosing the winner

Creating a good rule for your contest is mandatory. Check out the site to find how online vote providers deliver votes for games.

Set up the contest


It is the most crucial step, as it makes a difference in the result of your efforts. You may manage the technicalities of your contest. Still, it is essential to focus on your marketing tools to track the ongoing conflict. Some contest marketing websites are helping you to drive leads, increase conversions, and measure success.

Use excellent words to write the copy, although your prize can attract contestants, and you can entice them with your conversational words. Describe the contest prize and rules understandably. Bullet points and other types of formatting will help you make the write-up catchy.

Create a separate landing page for the contest


The landing page will enable you to drive more traffic and gain several entries. This page’s most essential elements are headlines, graphics, entry details, prize info, contest entry form, and CTA. You may also add social proof to make your competition go viral.

More importantly, the results of your campaign are not all visible at once. Someone saw your website and liked the product. However, he does not need that product at the moment. That doesn’t mean he won’t in a month or two …

Come and buy something on your website.

I gave the example of selling toys earlier. Most children buy me toys before the end of the year when there are big holidays. So if someone sees your website in October, there is a good chance that they will come and buy something in December.

Zaro needs to choose the right time to start a marketing project.

The contest must be mobile-friendly

You need to ensure that contestants can make their entries using their mobiles. There are responsive website themes that work best for mobile platforms.

Promote the contest and wait for the result

Although you have successfully set up the contest, you need to promote the competition. You may use social networks to spread information about your game. Moreover, you can join online communities and work with influencers for a successful marketing campaign for the contest. Now, you can take the right step to create your competition and reach your goal.


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