Making Social Studies Simple: 4 Teaching Tips From a Write My Essay Service Expert

Social studies is a broad field of study that discovers people and how they’ve interacted with each other and their environment throughout decades. This field spans dozens of subjects, including history, human geography, education, law, economics, psychology, sociology, and many others.

Although all areas of social studies are important, teaching and learning them can be very hard. One of the most challenging things about social studies is an abundance of controversial and tough topics, such as religion, ethics, stereotypes, values, etc. On top of that, social studies are very all-encompassing. A large number of topics only makes it more complicated. Due to these reasons, students often face challenges in social studies classrooms. Not being able to handle complex topics, they struggle and seek someone to ask to write my essays online. But teachers can change this.

Despite its complexity, this field of study CAN be taught in a simpler and more engaging way. In this article, an expert from DoMyEssay, a write my admission essay service, will share a few handy tips for teaching social studies effectively.

1. Gamification


According to the experts from a top-rated write my essay service, gamification is one of the best ways to support teaching in social studies. A 2020 study by Participatory Educational Research revealed that playing educational games can significantly enhance the quality of education in social studies. Some of the core elements of game-based learning are peer competition and point scoring. These game elements make students want to participate in class activities more actively.

As shown in the study results, gamification in a social studies classroom can ensure:

  • Enhanced student attitude;
  • Boosted engagement;
  • Increased academic success.

All in all, integrating gamification into the social studies curriculum can help teachers achieve multiple goals at once and make their programs more effective than ever.

2. Media


The second trick from a professional essay writer online is to leverage plenty of media in a social studies classroom. According to numerous studies, media can aid teaching through various visual tools, including videos, infographics, and more. Such tools are handy because they help communicate complex and broad topics in a simple and quick way.

Other benefits of using media in a social studies classroom include:

  • Better student engagement;
  • Improved focus;
  • Active participation;
  • Better retention of knowledge;
  • Stimulated interest in a subject, etc.

By breaking down social studies topics into smaller segments and presenting them with the help of the media, teachers can also stimulate discussion among students. So this trick can also help improve the quality of social studies education and students’ outcomes.

3. Warm-Ups


When the subject is so broad and complex, students can find it hard to concentrate on it. This brings us to the next tip. According to experts from the best write my essay for me service, quick warm-ups at the beginning of a lesson can help teachers set the right tone for the rest of the time and help students concentrate.

If you look it up on the Internet, you can find plenty of great social studies warm-ups. Here are a few examples to try:

  • Time travel – Ask students where they would go if they could travel back in time and write down their answers.
  • Hero – Ask students to share who they find their heroes and explain why they name a particular person.
  • Group discussion – Give students a short question related to the subject matter and offer them to hold a brief discussion.

These three warm-ups are super simple and don’t take much time. At the same time, they are very effective in getting students to think and improve their focus.

4. Virtual Reality


The number four tip from a professional writer from a write my essays service is not as easy to implement as the previous ones. Virtual reality or VR is a revolutionary tool that might be hard to adopt but very beneficial in the classroom.

For social studies, in particular, VR can offer unique learning experiences that accelerate students’ success. With the help of VR, teachers can take their students right to the heart of major subject-related events and help them learn complex concepts through hands-on experiences. For example, with the support of VR, your students can step on the front lines of any global war, experience major revolutions, and do much more. Needless to say, such experiences can be incredibly engaging for learners. Also, studies reveal that VR also supports better information retention and higher academic success.

The Bottom Line

As a teacher, you must know how tough it can be to teach social studies. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be a challenge.

Use these tips from an expert from a service to transform your social studies classroom. With these tips, you should be able to deliver materials to your students in a clearer and simpler way and, at the same time, help them achieve greater results.

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