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How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Trip

You already know there’s a lot of planning that goes into planning a trip. Where you’re staying, where to eat, and what you want to do are all important things to go over, but an equally important part is planning for transportation. If you’re traveling by plane or train, you won’t have your car when you get to your destination, so you need to plan for this in advance. Traveling can be lots of fun, and as long as you’re not dumping tons of money into using a taxi to get you everywhere, you can have a great time. Cabs, and rideshare services, may seem convenient, but waiting for them to arrive and dealing with a stranger anytime you want to go anywhere isn’t.

Rental cars can save a vacation


Cheaper by the day, with the average one costing fifty to sixty dollars, it’s a lot less than the hundreds you can rack up taking a rideshare app everywhere. Even if you’re in an area where you could still be using your personal car, you might choose to get a car rental to avoid putting more miles on it. There’s plenty of great reasons to get a rental car for your next trip. The only problem comes when deciding which car to rent!

Do you need some help determining what type of rental car is right for your trip? Here are the top types of rental cars, and who should be renting them!

Economy and Compact


These are two different categories, but they are both for the same type of person. The smaller cars are for people traveling on a budget alone, traveling for business, or are just more comfortable with smaller cars. If you don’t have much luggage, and there are only one or two of you- this is the car for you. When you’re traveling, you don’t want to have a bigger car than you need or spend more on a rental car than you have to, so the economy and compact cars are great choices if it’s all you need. 



If you need just a little extra space, but it isn’t a huge concern for your trip, this could be perfect for you and your group. A step up from a compact car, this covers people traveling in slightly larger groups. If you are going with three people and not a ton of luggage, this could be the right choice.  



If you have kids and a lot of luggage a full-size vehicle should be what you pick. According to, there are homes for sale all over, so if you’re moving to a new area and have a full car, you might want to rent something full-size or large. These are heftier vehicles, like SUVs, that can handle a family four and any luggage they throw at it. This choice is a better car for anyone with baby-carriers who need extra space.


If you look at full-sized cars and are still worried about space, you might need to start considering a premium rental car. More legroom, more storage, and a larger vehicle overall set this apart from full-sized cars. This size allows comfort and ease while driving, and will keep crowded discomfort at bay.



If comfort is essential- but the style is vital- then you’re looking for a luxury car. These have leather seats, up to date technology, and a sleek look that will make anyone jealous. If you’re going to your next high school reunion, a wedding, or another event where you want to look more flashy, a luxury car is a rental for you. Be warned; the higher price point adds up quickly. While these can be expensive, they’ll surely create great memories of traveling in style. This doesn’t have to be your car for your whole trip, either. You can get a more affordable car for the bulk of your trip and save the luxury car for a special occasion.


Minivans are the most practical rental car choice for many people. If your family has more than three or four people, or you’re traveling with a big group, investing in renting a minivan could be best. They’re not stylish, but you’ll save money on having to rent two cars, or having an extra person have to order a car service every trip. With a minivan, you know you’ll be able to fit everything you need, whether it’s luggage or children’s car seats



These fall in line with luxury cars, since they’re for the crowd who wants to shine a little brighter.  Unfortunately, convertibles are better for some vacation destinations than they are for others.  You don’t want to rent a convertible in London in Spring when it’s bucketing rain- or Toronto in its freezing winters. This ride does better in a sunny atmosphere where you want to take every inch of the view. If you have an upcoming trip to the beach, you might want to consider renting a convertible. 

Don’t Forget Rental Car Insurance


No matter what kind of rental car you decide on, you should always get rental car insurance. Of course, you hope nothing happens that will require you to use rental car insurance, but this isn’t always something you have control over. If you do end up needing rental car insurance, you’ll be happy you got it. Just in case something does happen, you’ll be covered, and if you don’t need it, it won’t be a big loss, so it’s best just to have it. You want to be sure your trip runs smoothly, and getting rental car insurance can help make sure that it does.


If you want more control over how you’ll be getting around and save money on having people drive you around, you need a rental car. Many vacations can benefit from a rental car. However, the exact car you end up getting will depend on your unique trip. When you’re looking for a rental car, think about what your needs are. Will you have much luggage to haul around? Are you traveling in a big group or with kids? This will all make a difference regarding what rental car options you’ll have to pick from.

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