How Can I Make My Car Seat More Comfortable?

It is an all too familiar scene: a woman coming home to the suburbs from her work in the city is stuck in traffic. Her feet already hurt from wearing heels at work, and her back is aching after the long hours she has spent sitting in the office.

Motorists are then confronted with the painful experience of sitting in the car seat as these congested roads. You may have experienced the same scenario and a couple of times asked yourself: ‘How can I make my car seat more comfortable?’


Any trip would be more bearable by making the driver’s chair more comfortable. Simple tricks and hacks can be used to make travel by car less of a hassle. Here are some tips.

Blogger Stephen Burns from has a few recommendations on how to make car seats better for those who use it.

Car seats are adjustable for a reason. They were designed to give drivers the liberty to maximize the support and their comfort inside the vehicle. Adjust first the back of the car seat. The ideal position is that drivers should be sitting in an upright position and directly in line with the steering wheel to avoid backaches. It is also nice to keep the buttocks and your back relaxed and comfortably nestled at the center of the chair.

  • The position of the car seat should also be adjusted relative to your pedals. Make the necessary changes to the height and forward-ness of the seat so that the legs are in line with the ground while sitting and have about a bend of 120 degrees when the pedals are fully depressed.


  • It is also possible to adjust the position of the steering wheel. This should be adjusted to give the driver more accessibility and reach. A tip to keep in mind for optimal steering wheel position is a person has to keep their shoulders and back relaxed while keeping their shoulder blades as firm as possible against the chair, says Stephen.
  • The same blogger also recommends making the driver’s seat more supportive. If the car has a lumbar support feature in it, it is a good idea to maximize its use. Start with lower levels of support first, then slowly and gradually increase as you travel longer.


  • If the vehicle does not have built-in lumbar support, it could be beneficial to purchase one. They come in a variety of different styles and sizes, so it is important to find the best one that best suits the user.
  • Aside from back support, neck support is also vital to a comfortable ride. Adjust the headrest and get proper neck support, which can be suitable for vehicle use.
  • The buttocks may also need some loving. Hence padding or cushioning may be useful for a less stressful drive. Car seat covers may also do the trick and some of them may also provide support for your back and lumbar areas. If there is an extra budget, drivers could also spring for padding that has memory foam for additional comfort. If you feel a bit fancy and it’s a cold drive, there are also varieties with built-in heating capabilities to keep your bottoms warm.


  • Seat belts may feel restrictive and can dig into the shoulders and chest. Seat belt covers may help alleviate the discomfort brought on by the straps during a long-haul road trip.
  • Speaking of long trips, a lot of storage is needed when traveling long haul. It would be smart to get some storage compartments and organizers in the vehicle to store valuables and other items. Not only does it keep the car less cluttered, but it also brings peace to an already irate mind due to hours of driving.
  • It has also been mentioned that some car models are famous for having comfortable car seats. Most of them cost a fortune as they are in the ultra-luxury class of vehicles. Yet, this enumerates five models under $30,0000 who puts a premium on driver comfort. These are the Chevrolet Impala, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Subaru Outback and Toyota Camry. A common feature of these models is power-adjustable driver’s seats. Most of these also have generous legroom for drivers. Others, like the Impala and Accord, offer models with heated seats.
  • Making the trip comfortable not only ends with the car seat. Going on a long road trip, looser clothes are recommended so as not to restrict circulation. Footwear is also important. Boots and heels are a bad choice of clothing to drive in. Instead, try sneakers or a comfortable pair of shoes. It may be a good idea for working professionals to change into more casual clothes before leaving work and going home.


A comfortable ride could translate to a safer ride. If a driver is distracted with aches and discomfort, they could be put at risk alongside their passengers. Hence, it is important to remember that a comfortable trip translates to safety on the road.

For that reason, we suggest you follow these tips and travel relaxed without worrying that something can happen. Additionally, it is always better to prevent the bad scenario if you can, than to recover from it. However, when you are on the road, your safeness and security do not depend only on you. All traffic participants need to be cautious and to pay attention to the traffic and safeness of others, as well. Unfortunately, a traffic accident is something that happens every day and usually, they bring a lot of damage and casualties. For that reason, we suggest you be prepared for something like this and consult with the Personal Injury Attorney on time. In that way, you will not have to deal with the recovering compensation and defending your rights on the court by yourself. You will have professional help who will reach a fair settlement for you. If you are interesting, you can consult with the experts from Spaulding Injury Law, and inform yourself about everything in the case of defending your rights after the car accident.

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