10 Reasons to Invest in Hillock Green Singapore

When making investments in property, the location, facilities, location, and future potential are crucial considerations. In the thriving environment that is the District of Singapore 26, Hillock Green stands as an outstanding example of an excellent real estate investment opportunity.

With its luxurious amenities along with its strategically located location, as well as an emphasis on living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, it offers more than just a residential development. It’s an investment into a better future.

10 compelling reasons to think about making an investment in Hillock Green Singapore:


1. Prime Location

Hillock Green is strategically located in Lentor Central, District 26. The district is poised for change and is poised for growth and development. It’s connected with major highways, including the forthcoming North-South Expressway (NSE), and the Lentor MRT station (TE8) providing easy access to all regions of Singapore. This prime location will ensure that your investment will be highly sought-after.

2. Investment Potential

Singapore is always a popular destination for investment properties District 26 is no different. Due to its central position and dedication to sustainable living, it’s set to appreciate significantly in the coming years. By investing now, you can reap the benefits of this growing sector in the coming years.

3. Elegant Living

This area and its apartments offer a luxurious living experience. The design of the development is exquisite with top-quality fittings and finishes. With a range of kinds of unit lush greenery, and top-of-the-line amenities, it’s where nature meets luxury.

4. Green Design

The emphasis on sustainable living in this residential area is not only environmentally friendly but also for your investment. As sustainable living becomes more popular, homes like these are likely to be able to command a premium on the market.

5. Community-Centric Neighborhood


The development is located in the newly developed Lentor Hills Estate which is being designed to be a sustainable, community-focused neighborhood. This emphasis on community enriches the overall quality of life which makes it an appealing option for families.

6. Closeness to School

Parents with kids will love the accessibility to several schools which include Mayflower Elementary School, Anderson Primary School as well and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ Primary School. The proximity of top educational institutions is an advantage.

7. Excellent Amenities

It offers a wide variety of amenities, ranging from a pool and gym to a Jacuzzi sauna, as well as a tennis court. This variety of amenities makes sure that all residents and interests can take advantage of the community.

8. Transport Connectivity

The MRT station Lentor (TE8) located on the Thomson East Coast Line is just a short walk away. The ease of access to numerous MRT expressways and lines ensures that residents have the ability to easily connect to other areas of Singapore and makes it a perfect place for professionals who commute.

9. Strong Developer Reputation


The development is a joint venture between Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd., Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd. as well and UED Alpha Pte. Ltd. ensures their area is backed by reliable and skilled developers that are known for their high-quality projects.

10. Possibility for future Developments

In addition to being near transport and amenities, this area is set to be integrated into the in the near future Lentor Hillock Park. This exciting development could lead to improvements to the neighborhood in the future and will add value to your investment.


Making a decision to invest with this part of Singapore is not solely about purchasing a home It’s about taking on an entirely new lifestyle. Its location in the heart of Singapore, its lavish amenities, its dedication to sustainability and its community-oriented design make it an appealing option for investors. It has the possibility of substantial growth of value. This investment offers a safe and lucrative possibility in the rapidly changing real estate market in District 26.

This development is a salute to the future, in which nature and luxury blend seamlessly making for an enjoyable living environment. The close proximity to top-quality schools, the excellent connectivity to transportation and its connection to the soon-to-open Lentor Hillock Park further solidify its status as an investment area of high quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an attractive rental income or simply a residence, it  is a good investment option that can provide both financial rewards and a better quality of living.



1. What kind of units are offered within Hillock Green?

Answer: It offers different types of units that can meet the needs of different people. You can find comfortable one-bedroom units, family-friendly homes as well as other choices for a broad range of residents.

2. Do you have financing alternatives for investors interested in Hillock Green?

Answer: Investors can investigate different financing options, such as mortgage loans and bank loans, which can help make your investment more affordable.

3. Are you sure that Hillock Green is suitable for rental income?

Answer: Yes, its top location, accessibility and luxurious amenities make it an appealing choice for rental income. There is a high demand for rental properties in the area.

4. Does Hillock Green’s eco-friendly design?

Answer: Sustainable design is an advantage to Hillock Green investors. As sustainability becomes more important houses with environmentally friendly characteristics tend to increase in value, which makes it an investment that is worth the risk.

5. What are the most important factors that determine the value of a property within District 26?

Answer: Many factors like transportation connectivity as well as proximity to schools, community development, and development of green spaces are key to the growth of property value within District 26 such as Hillock Green.

6. How do I go about involved in making an investment in Hillock Green?

Answer: The process typically involves deciding on the unit that you want to finance, arranging financing, completing the sale agreement and paying the stamp tax and meeting the legal conditions. When these steps are done and you are legally a part of the property you purchased within this area.

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