12 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

Trying to choose your lawyer, but you are not too sure where to begin and what to look for? Well, finding your lawyer can be a challenging task, especially if you have never had to book one before. You probably have loads of questions that demand answers, and you need a bit of help? If so, just keep on reading, and find out all there is to know about proper qualities that your lawyer should have!

12 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

1. Are They Experienced


Let’s be real, you probably don’t want to work with someone who is a rookie, right? How long have they been in the business, and do they have ten years of experience, at least? If your case is easy and legal you might not need the best of the best. However, if your case is complicated and hard to solve, rather do your research and find a proper lawyer.

2. Specific Areas of Expertise

As you probably know by now, most lawyers specialize in one area of their work. Some are good at custody issues, others handle car accidents properly, and some have better knowledge about estate planning.

Make sure that you find the best lawyer according to your needs, and the one that is devoted to your issue. It is crucial to combine experience & expertise to get the best of both worlds. Choose Gibson Hill for expert legal representation and successful personal injury cases.

3. They Are Honest

You would want your lawyer to be honest and upfront with you, right? Well, go for someone who has a portfolio to back up their stories, as well as cases that they have worked on. Do not go for someone who will talk about unrealistic results that are impossible to get. Chances are if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Good Communication Skills


You might get a headache at first after hearing all of your options and laws. The truth is, everything is confusing, especially once you hear different lawyers using all fancy words & law terms that you haven’t encountered in the past. Ask them to explain some of the most crucial terms, and to use a simpler approach.

5. They Are Supportive

No matter how easy or hard the task is, you will want them to be emotional & there for you. They are in charge of telling your story (and understanding it) in an emotional way. Go for someone who is sensitive and who understands your story. Also, rather hire an optimist than a pessimist since you want to feel great about your case, right?

6. Their Availability

Every individual will need and demand fast responses, as well as prompt service. Try to stay in touch and contact regularly, and ask away anything that seems a bit off or that you don’t understand. The two of you will have loads of things to talk about, especially as the case develops and things get more complicated towards the end.

7. They Are Driven and Care About Results


Never go for someone who doesn’t understand your goals, and go for a lawyer that is driven by results. Although every case is different in its own way and there are strengths & weaknesses, a new approach & creativity will help every person feel encouraged about their case.

8. You Can Meet Them Halfway

This applies to the location of where you two live. You will probably come back over & over again to their office. This is why it might be a good idea to hire someone who doesn’t live too far away from you. However, just know that some arrangements & calls can be done through Zoom calls due to the global pandemic, so don’t stress a lot about their place of living.

9. You Enjoy Their Organization

The two of you will need to see eye to eye, and you will need to understand their vision in order to understand it yourself. Having issues understanding what you’re working on may lead to additional costs, as well as delays during the process.

If your lawyer makes you feel like a priority and they know how to organize your case, other cases, as well as yours & their time, you will be more than satisfied.

10. Integrity


Lawyers are officers of the court, and their main task is to stay honest & respectful toward each case that they are working on. They will show how professional they are and their integrity will show through your communication. They will shine a bright light on you no matter the case, and they will act civilly with all subjects that are in your dispute.

11. You Enjoy Their Confidence

Being confident is something that every person enjoys & wishes to be, and that every lawyer should be. However, having a big ego and crossing that thin line can make you look cocky. This is why you should understand the difference and go for a lawyer that is not full of them, yet that knows how to give you, the judge, as well as the jury the right balance.

12. Proper Preparation

Every case needs special time, preparation, as well as interest. Your lawyer will need to call you and talk with the opposing counsel & communicate with the court. There are also witnesses, or whoever else is crucial for the case. They will do their homework, and they will prepare for the case in a reasonable time while presenting you with crucial facts & results on time.

Where to Find Your Lawyer & how To Make that First Step?


In the end, do you know who you’re going to call? Well, if you’re struggling and you’re not too sure who to hire, give Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein a click! You will enjoy his portfolio, a well as his professional approach. He has over twenty years of experience in the field, and is a client-focused, experience & affordable lawyer in Connecticut who is professional and motivated, as well as driven by results!

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