5 Types of Parties to Have on a Party Bus

Party buses are becoming an increasingly popular option due to the many benefits that a party bus offers you. First of all, it is a transport that seats over 30 people. It is managed by a professional driver, which means that you and your friends can have as much fun as you want. Thanks to the experts, you will stay safe at all times. There is also the possibility of changing routes, tours and many other services of companies.

A party bus is a great option to start a party before you get to the venue or you can stay on the bus all the time. They can be rented for a few hours or all day. If you like this idea, and you are not sure what type of party you would like to do, read some of our tips below.

1. Themed party


If you just want to have a party for your friends, you don’t need a reason to do so. Maybe you want girls or guys night out. For example, gather an old high school friend or friends who are often busy and fail to spend time together. Remember some old memories and create new ones. If you don’t have 40 or more people to invite, so the party bus is too big, that’s no reason to give up on this idea. You can rent a smaller vehicle for 10 to 20 people, which is equally attractive. You can check the fleet of one such professional company, Toronto Party Bus at

However, to take the fun to the next level, you can come up with the main theme of the party. Decorate the interior and exterior of the bus according to it, but also determine the dress code. We are sure that you will have many other great ideas that will fit perfectly with a certain topic. Keep in mind that you can choose from a large number of topics.

For example, you can opt for decade themes, sports team theme, disco, etc. Depending on the planned activities, your interests and people’s profiles, choose the one that will entertain you the most. Some of the fun activities are the dare game which is very similar to truth and dare but is even more interesting. Each person should write down and give gifts and put them in a piece of paper in a jar. After that, everyone will pull out a piece of paper. You can also choose the game two truths and a lie. In addition to these there are plenty of other great games like heads up and others.

When it comes to decorating the interior of a themed bus party, simplicity is key. After all, with limited space on board, there’s no need to go overboard with decorating. Some hanging-themed images and low-wattage lights are often enough to make it cozy and warm inside the bus.

By taking decorations outside the bus and using clever tricks like custom inflatables matched to your theme and lights wrapped around the bus, you can create a fun environment for your guests. Floatie Kings customizable inflatables will give you the chance to design them in the shape, size, and colors that you have planned to have for your themed party. Additionally, proper seating arrangements create additional space for people to interact in comfort and allow them to use both indoor and outdoor areas of the area. All in all, by taking advantage of both indoor and outdoor spaces with lights and decorations, you can plan an unforgettable themed bus party for all involved.

2. Karaoke party


Music is an integral part of any entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you only have a stereo system at your disposal. Add some interesting activity like karaoke and you will get a karaoke party! It’s a great way to start a party and start an epic night. As part of this activity, you can design a few more. For example, divide into groups, design a competition or something else. If your party is themed, choose songs that go with that theme. Get ready for an unforgettable night and lots of laughter.

3. Birthday parties


Regardless of the fact that you can rent this transport at any time, it is mainly used for such events. For example, you can have a surprise party for your best friend. How do I do that? A party bus in this situation can bring you more benefits. You can pretend that just a party bus is a surprise as you hide from her where you are actually going. In time, she will have so much fun that she won’t even ask you much about the destination, thinking that you will spend all the time on the bus.

There will be enough space for party games, dancing around and any other activities. After that, she will not be able to imagine what you are preparing for her, and that is exactly the real party where many more people are waiting for you. We are sure that something like this will never be forgotten. There is no person who would remain immune to something like this regardless of age. Apart from having a great time, seeing her friends together, she will be happy to have such a good friend by her side.

4. Graduation parties


This is another one of the most popular parties you can organize in this transport. We are sure that your friends and family will enjoy such moments together. This event really represents an important date for everyone, because after so much effort and work, that period should be celebrated. We will agree that there is no better way to do this than this for several reasons. First, you can extend the celebration. You can also bring a large number of people to celebrate with you, or you can surprise someone who has just graduated. This will make their day even better!

5. Bachelor parties


Of course, this type of party cannot pass without surprises and a lot of alcohol. That is why it is always good to hire a company that will provide you with safe transportation and an unforgettable party, and that is exactly the party bus. Since this party takes a long time, start it already on the bus. Arrange the interior space according to the theme you have decided on, buy your favorite drink and the fun can begin. Celebrate the end of single life. You will also not have to worry about expensive taxis and suspicious drivers, because you will research the company in advance before deciding on the right one. Since weddings can be very stressful, use this time to relax. These buses are not only used for transportation, because you can perform other activities in them. If you have no idea, you can opt for scavenger hunt, name that tune, board games, etc.


The party bus is an opportunity to organize a private party while on the go. This way you won’t have to worry about being seen or heard from the street, driving later, etc. All you have to do is indulge in fun. Think of this bus as a private nightclub that you have reserved just for you and your loved ones. We are sure that you like this idea and that we helped you organize an unforgettable party.

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