6 Types of Online Dating that Seemed Impossible in The Past

Relationships make the world go round. If it wasn’t for two people getting together at some point, none of us would even be here! But although people have been indulging in romantic activities since the dawn of human evolution, certain aspects of sexuality have been more marginalised than others. Within living memory, same-sex acts, let alone legally sanctioned gay marriages, would have been considered criminal activities. Thankfully, society has moved on, particularly with the advent of universally popular modern technologies. Here is a cross-section of online dating opportunities that might have once been impossible to contemplate, but are becoming increasingly catered to.

1. Open Relationships


There was a time when there were far more rigid rules where relationships were concerned. Anyone not abiding by these was looked down upon; even ostracized. But people could also be hypocritical. Although marriages were expected to last a lifetime, affairs were far from unknown. Over time, expectations surrounding relationships have broadened. From the 1960s onwards, same-sex partnerships have been recognised in law, and ‘straying’ from the marital bed has become far less stigmatized.

A growing number of couples are no longer focused on monogamy and sometimes even open their marriages in attempt to save it. A raft of opportunities is now available for anyone keen to explore different avenues, from open relationships to polyamory, and many more. When it comes to romance, the modern world has become so much more flexible.

2. Transgender Dating

Transgender dating platforms have emerged as a vital space for individuals who identify as transgender or are in the process of transitioning. These dedicated websites and apps provide a supportive and inclusive environment where transgender individuals can connect with others who understand and embrace their unique experiences. They cater to people in transition, shemales, as well as those trying to build their love life outside of the offline world which may still be hostile.

If you were interested in pursuing a trans coupling, there are now many dating websites for people looking to date shemales, where nobody is ever made to feel they are straying from the mainstream, or somehow dipping into a taboo area. Transgender dating platforms acknowledge the specific challenges faced by transgender individuals in the dating world, offering a space that respects and validates their gender identity.

Whether someone is in the early stages of transition or has already completed their transition, these platforms foster connections based on shared understanding, respect, and acceptance. By providing a platform for transgender individuals to find companionship, love, and support, transgender dating platforms play a crucial role in affirming and celebrating the diversity of gender identities and expressions.

3. Geek and Nerd Dating


Geek and nerd dating platforms have emerged as a haven for individuals with specific interests in geek culture, gaming, science fiction, or technology. These dedicated websites and apps provide a welcoming space where like-minded individuals can connect and form meaningful relationships based on shared hobbies and passions. Geeks and nerds often have a deep enthusiasm for subjects like comics, video games, cosplay, or coding, and these platforms allow them to find partners who appreciate and share their interests.

Geek and nerd dating fosters connections that go beyond superficial compatibility, as it celebrates the intellectual and imaginative pursuits that are central to geek culture. By providing a space for geeks and nerds to come together, these platforms enable individuals to find companionship and romance with someone who understands and values their unique geeky identity.

4. Unicorn Hunting

If your first thought about the term ‘unicorn dating’ was to envisage some sort of cosplay activities, think again! The rise in popularity of all sorts of nuanced areas of online matchmaking has led to niche areas, and unicorns are a prime example. This is where a couple decides to make things more interesting by inviting a third consensual party to join their love triangle.

Unicorns can be purely physical, participating in sex, although they might also get involved in a non-sexual way. It could be the case that the pair are just looking to spend time with this other person, getting to know a new friend. In time, this might eventually develop into a more conventional threesome where the onus is on fun in the bedroom. Not so long ago, such get-togethers would have seemed highly unusual. But in the early 21st century, experimentation and freedom to indulge in new and exciting practices are what dating sites are all about.

5. Single Parent Dating


Single parent dating is a niche online dating category that caters specifically to individuals who are raising children on their own. These platforms provide a supportive and understanding environment for single parents to connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges. Recognizing the unique demands of balancing parenting responsibilities and personal lives, single parent dating websites and apps offer a space where individuals can meet like-minded partners who understand and empathize with their circumstances.

This niche allows single parents to forge meaningful connections, share advice and support, and potentially find love with someone who appreciates and respects their role as a parent. By focusing on the needs and aspirations of single parents, these platforms provide an opportunity for companionship and romance in the context of the shared journey of parenthood.

6. Long-Distance Dating

When one or other partner moved away for whatever reason – work commitments, education, looking after family, and so on – this often spelt the end of a relationship. It can be difficult maintaining a loving connection when separated by geography. But this is another area where the advent of technology has ensured people can remain committed. Now you can find a lovely person or even your soulmate anywhere around the globe and feel as close as possible no matter how far you are in the sense of physical distance.

Video chatting makes it so easy for couples to keep in touch. Sexting will provide opportunities to keep temperatures racing, while Internet users are also harnessing virtual reality as a means to instigate vivid encounters.



If you’re single and into exploring unusual or exotic relationships, there are so many other ways you could be enhancing this experience. As well as following any online tips that will suggest ways of interacting with kindred spirits, why not consider thinking outside the box?

Come up with a list of questions to ask your potential date to make sure they are on the same page with you. Sometimes dating can be tough for certain people and thankfully the internet is here to help again and again.

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