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Bare-throated Bellbird : National bird of Paraguay

The National bird of Paraguay

The National bird of Paraguay is Bare-throated Bellbird. The bellbird is the official national bird of Paraguay confirmed by the Paraguay government and is listed on the official government website of Paraguay.

The bellbirds are endangered species found only in Paraguay and related territories such as Argentina and Brazil. They are a medium-sized bird with sub-tropical habitat mostly found in woodlands and forests. They are also found to live in moist conditions such as lakes and swamps. Bare-throated Bellbird usually feeds themselves eating fruits and seeds from forests. Males and females have different size and characteristics. They belong to class Aves and genus Procnias, their species are called nudicollis. The binomial name of Bare-throated Bellbird is Procnias nudicollis.

Paraguay National Bird

 The National Bird of Paraguay which is Bare-throated Bellbirds have shiny white bellies, especially in males. In females, the white color is duller and looks off-white as compared to males. The male bellbird has white and bright plumage, a black and blue patch of skin around the eyes. The beak is dark blue in color, it is often black or gray in some of the birds. The females have off-white feathers and belly, theolive green area underneath the feathers. They are characterized as medium-sized birds with an average length up to 30 cm.

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[table caption=”Bare-throated Bellbird” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Paraguay
3,Wingspan,46 -53 cm
5,Mass Male,163 to 225 g
6,Mass Female,163 to 225 g
7,Body Length,26 – 28 cm

The males have sharp and chirpy noise, the call is made to attract the nearby female for mating. The sound is similar to a hammer striking the bell, hence named Bellbird. The blue throat is one of the most attractive parts of bellbird, due to the deforestation and global warming, Bare-throated Bellbirds are restricted to Paraguay. Some animal conservation non-profit organizations are adopting the bellbirds and are conserving the species on artificial Islands. Bellbirds are good dispersers of seeds throughout the forests.

The Bare-throated Bellbirds which is the national bird of Paraguay are different from the bellbirds of Central America from the shape, size, and living habitat. All of the bellbirds are tropical and have loud voices. However, Bare-throated Bellbirds are the loudest ones. The other bellbirds have various pigments and color tracings in their feathers and the head region as compared to Bare-throated Bellbirds. Males always have a white plumage, wholly or partially and bare facial skin. Females do not have bare skin and are olive in color with yellowish stripes on the lower parts of the body. Males are always smaller than females.

Interesting Facts About National Bird Of Paraguay :

  • Bare-throated Bellbird is known for their loudest call among the birds.
  • Their call seems like a hammer striking an anvil, the sharpest one is found in However, females have the lower tone.
  • According to scientific observation, hearing Bare-throated Bellbird call from a closer distance may cause hearing loss as the worst case scenario.
  • The sound of a Bare-throated Bellbird could be heard over a mile’s distance.
  • Bare-throated Bellbirds are monotypic species.
  • Female bellbirds lay 2 eggs per season and incubation period is within 20 days.
  • Female Bare-throated Bellbirds are responsible for taking care of the young ones.
  • They have no feathers on their throats, hence called bare-throated.
  • One of the species of Bare-throated Bellbirds migrates during August and September to Argentina.

Bare-throated Bellbird Picture

picture of Bare-throated Bellbird

Bare-throated Bellbird Pics

Bare-throated Bellbird Picture

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