Nayphidaw : The Capital City of Burma

capital city of Burma

The capital city of Burma is Nayphidaw . At present it is still thought that it is the city of Yangon, which already stopped being a few years ago. From 2008 Nayphidaw which is the capital city of Burma became the administrative and political capital of Myanmar. It is a destination that appears little in the itineraries of tourist circuits and has not acquired much relevance as the capital city of the country. Something unusual if we think of neighboring capitals as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Hanoi.

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Capital Of Burma

Nayphidaw which is the capital city of  is a small city of Burma about 100 thousand inhabitants located in the center of the country, in the municipality of Pyinmana, in the middle of a railway and communications node between the states of Shan, Chin and Karen. It lies right in the middle of the stretch that joins the 2 most important cities of the country; Yangon (commercial capital) and Mandalay (cultural capital). It is said that the main reasons for moving the capital to this place were: it is an area with great importance and military presence, is away from the congested city of Yangon and allows it to expand and finally, according to the opponents, it is said That the main reason has been to remove the city from the sea to protect it from a possible foreign invasion (especially from the United States).

capital city of Burma

History About Nayphidaw

The name of Nayphidaw which is the capital city of Burma means “Royal City” or “Seat of Kings” which was proclaimed the same day that the city was inaugurated. The name does full justice to what the city represents since it contains huge buildings and complexes that are controlled by the government and the army. The great part of its population forms part of high political and military ranks. Nayphidaw is a completely new city, where there was not a single building, which has been built for the purpose of being the administrative capital where most of the high military ranks reside. However, for many imposing buildings and broad avenues with dozens of lanes it is an empty city with little hustle compared to other cities in the country.

Interesting Facts About Nayphidaw

Nayphidaw is undoubtedly a mysterious capital without showing itself with full transparency towards the outside world. It is a city that goes unnoticed and is even completely ignored by the vast majority of visitors to the country. It is a capital built in silence and before the secrecy of the old dictatorship that, although it is no longer in force, still maintains its links. Especially because there live a large part of the military that still control and own part of the country’s power. Nayphidaw which is the capital city of Burma rises in the middle of the jungle, where more than a dozen hotels have been built which are filled with diplomats and guests by the military forces that still have much influence on the future of the nation. In addition, interestingly, the capital of Myanmar (Burma) is difficult to reach for those who want to visit it because it has a limited number of flights and this makes the only way to get there is via a 4 hour road from Yangon.

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