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Sofia : The Capital City Of Bulgaria

capital city of Bulgaria

The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia one of the new tenants of the European Union . It is one of the poorest countries in Europe, but thanks to the strength of the new generations and European capital, you can see that something is changing in the city.

Capital Of Bulgaria

Sofia which is the capital city of Bulgaria is the typical post-communist city where modern pubs and hotels compete with the ramshackle, straight-line Soviet blocks, where the Porsches overtake old buses and even horse-drawn vehicles, which still remain.

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History About Sofia

The city, which celebrates the 130th anniversary of its conversion into the capital of Bulgaria this year , focuses its monumental interest in the boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel and its surroundings. The boulevard is a historic avenue paved with golden cobblestones reminiscent of other major Central European capitals.

University of Sofia

Beginning the route to the east of the avenue, we find the historical building of the University of Sofia followed by the Parliament . A little further on we can find the so-called Russian Church , and finally the National Gallery and the Presidency , an example of socialist neoclassicism.

It is worth a little detour to approach Alexander Nevsky’s impressive Orthodox Cathedral . It was built in honor of the fallen Russians in the liberation war of Bulgaria in 1878, which explains why it is dedicated precisely to the holy hero of the Russians.

Statue of Saint Sophia

The boulevard dies in the square Nezavisimost , dominated by the statue of Saint Sophia , patroness of the city (in this case they had easy to choose a patron!). For the ‘interraileros’, towards the north, by the boulevard of Mariya Luiza, one arrives directly to the train station (walking or in a short distance by tram).

capital city of Bulgaria

Interesting Facts About Sofia

Nezavisimost is built on ancient Thracian and Roman ruins, and is planned a reform of the square that will include transparent slabs that allow to see those ruins, becoming a new attraction of the city.

Although the city has other attractions (mainly Boyana Church , world heritage), the rest of the city is mostly monotonous Soviet-style neighborhoods, so the little walk we have recommended may be enough for short time travelers .

The tram and bus service complements quite well to the only existing metro line. Very careful with taxi drivers , they are much less honest than in other neighboring countries . It is advisable to ask for a guide

price beforehand, to demand taximeter and to ask for help in the ‘negotiation’ to some police if necessary … that if they speak English. Minibuses are a quick and cheap alternative.

Parliament of Bulgaria

Sofia which is the capital city of Bulgaria is perhaps the capital of the European Union where prices are more affordable . The currency (lev) is changed approximately to two for each euro. It is necessary to take due precautions with the valuables, but the strict searches to all those who decide to enter a pub are exaggerated, there is not so much.

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