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National Flag of Paraguay and Flag History

National Flag of Paraguay

National Flag of Paraguay

Paraguay is a South American state and is a landlocked country in South America, it is bordered by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The country is known for its rainforests and football. The Motto of Paraguay is Paz y Justicia. The system of government is thecongressional parliamentarian system. It came into being on 14th May 1811, Paraguay got independence from Spain. Therefore, the official languages are Spanish and Guarani. After independence, the national flag of Paraguay was adopted in 1842. Before that, the different variants of the Spanish flag were used as the national flag. As of now, the national flag is a horizontal tricolor similar to that of France but in horizontal linings. The triband comprise of red, white, and blue colors and a seal in the center.

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Paraguay Flag History

The national flag was adopted in 1842, the purpose behind the colors of theflag is to inspire from the French revolution and the sacrifices they made for liberty. The coat of arms depicts as the symbol of long-lasting independence of Paraguay. Before the national flag was finalized, the first national flag that was adopted in 1811 was colored navy blue with a six-pointed star on the top left corner. The second provisional flag was a tricolor consisting of green, white, and blue colors from top to bottom adopted in 1811. The third provisional flag was adopted from 1811 to 1812 and had maroon, golden, and navy blue colors from top to bottom.

National Flag of Paraguay

Paraguay Flag Meaning

Inspired by the French National flag, the horizontal tricolor of Paraguay is one of the only three flags that are observed differently from observe and reverse sides. The national emblem is disappeared from the reverse side. Theobserve side shows the national coat of arms of Paraguay while the reverse side depicts the seal of the treasury of Paraguay. The ratio is 11:20.

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National Flag Picture

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