National Flag of Bahamas and Flag History

National Flag of Bahamas

Bahamas National Flag

The Flag of Bahamas is composed of three horizontal bands of aqua top, yellow in the middle and at the end of aquamarine. These colors symbolize the beaches of the Bahamas and the surrounding water. A black triangle on the flag symbolizes unity of action.

Bahamas Flag History

National Flag of Bahamas

The flag of the Bahamas was adopted on July 10 , 1973 . The flag consists of a black triangle pointing to three stripes of the same width, blue and gold. The black triangle represents the unity and determination of the people of the Bahamas. The two bands of aquamarine blue represent the sea, and the gold strip in the center symbolizes the sand of the 700 islands of Bahamas. The Bahamas are divided politically into one central district, New Providence, and thirty-two local districts, regulated by a total of twenty-five administrations that depend on the Governor-General. At the same time, within the local districts, the most important cities have their own committees.

Bahamas Flag Meaning

The colors incorporated into the Bahamian flag symbolize the image and aspirations of the people of the Bahamas, the design reflects the natural environment (sun, sand and sea ) and economic and social development. The flag is an equilateral black triangle against the mast superimposed on a horizontal background is composed of two colors in three equal stripes of seawater and yellow. The symbolism of the flag is as follows: black, a strong color: it represents the vigor and strength of a united people. In the triangle that points towards the body of the flag represents the company and determination of the people of the Bahamas to develop and possess the rich resources of the sun and sea symbolized by gold and aquamarine respectively.

Three horizontal equal bands of aquamarine (above), gold and aquamarine, with a black equilateral triangle based on the side of the uprising, the colors of the band represent the golden beaches of the islands, surrounded by the aquamarine sea, black represents the Strength and strength of a united people, while the triangle that points indicates the enterprise and determination of the people of the Bahamas to develop the rich resources of land and sea.


The Bahamas flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width, turquoise upper and lower, and yellow central. At the inner end, the flag has a black equilateral triangle with the base along the flagpole, pointing towards the outer fringe. The yellow color represents the golden sands of the archipelago next to the turquoise sea. The triangle black represents the Bahamian people.

Name’s origin

The Spaniards were the first to explore the northern region of the Greater Antilles and the eastern part of southern Florida. They stared in amazement at the seabed that often seemed to rise beneath them. The abundant formations of coral of fantastic forms threatened to reach the surface and threatened their ships in every maneuver. They were given the name of bajamar, which means, appropriately, shallow sea.

Map of Bahamas


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