National Flag of Azerbaijan and Flag History

National Flag of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan National Flag

The national flag of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes, the upper one is blue, the middle one is red, and the bottom one is green. In the center of the red strip are placed a white crescent and an eight pointed star. This flag was officially adopted in 1918.

Azerbaijan Flag History

National Flag of Azerbaijan

The national flag of Azerbaijan, together with the shield and the hymn, is one of the symbols of the country. This emblem is of a very simple construction, as we can see is a rectangle that is divided into three colors. The national flag of Azerbaijan first is the blue, then the red and finally the green. Inside the red color we will observe a white crescent, which has a white star located in the middle that has eight peaks and symbolizes Venus.

The colors that the flag of Azerbaijan possesses were gradually put on. In 1918 blue, red and green were installed as the main colors.

The original idea of ​​making a flag that had three colors was the product of the military of high command, which used these three colors to shape each of the regions of Azerbaijan, which was struggling hard to obtain independence.

The flag was officially adopted in 1918, and had not been used again until independence in 1991. The National Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the symbol of the independence of the State of Azerbaijan.

The design of the National flag has been largely absorbed by the flag of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, which was slightly modified. For example, the aspect ratio was changed from 02: 03-01: 02, which corresponds to the Soviet flag tradition. The 9th of November, when 1918 was the first time the flag was introduced, after a presidential decree of 2009, National Flag Day.

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The national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes, of equal width. The upper strip is blue, the middle – red, and the lower – green. In the middle of the red strip, on both sides of the flag are the images of the white crescent with the octagonal star. The width and length of the flag have ratios of 1: 2.

Azerbaijan Flag Meaning

Blue: This color enjoys multiple symbologies, first representing all the invaluable riches found in Azerbaijan, specifically in its soil. It also symbolizes the beautiful sky that every day covered this earth to bring them new dreams of independence. And, finally, it refers to the Turkish origin of this town.

Red: This is the symbol of blood. The color symbolizes all the effort and lives that were given to obtain independence and freedom. It also expresses everything modern and the progress of society.

Green: It is synonymous with the immensity of this country. In addition, in the green personifies each one of the lands that comprise of Azerbaijan. It also makes reference to that they are part of the Islamic state.

The octagonal crescent star

In ancient times, the crescent was the shield of Constantinople – the capital of the Byzantine Empire. In 1453, after conquering the Turks this city, this shield was adopted by the Ottoman Empire, as a symbol of the Muslim faith, which was transferred to other peoples of the same faith. The crescent, which appears on the flag, is the symbol of the Turkish peoples. As far as the meaning of the octagonal star is concerned, this is related to the ancient writing of the word “Azerbaijan”. Thus, in ancient alphabet, the word “Azerbaijan” is eight letters.

Throughout history the meaning of the octagonal star is explained as follows: Turkish, modernity, democracy, equality, Azerbaijani national essence and education.

The star appearing on the flag of Azerbaijan is used in the architectural style of Azerbaijan, and the octagonal and the figure eight in itself, is the symbol of the Turkish people.

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