National Flag of Austria and Flag History

National Flag of Austria

Austria National Flag

The national flag of Austria is one of the most important signs of the whole country. It is formed by three great horizontal stripes of equal proportion. The top and bottom strips are red , while the central strip is white .

The national flag of Austria was adopted on May 1, 1945 after the Nazi defeat in World War II Link Title. However, the flag was created in the 12th century by the Austrian Duke Frederick II (1210-1246). The flag was first used as a symbol of the royal house of Austria and then by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Austria Flag History

National Flag of Austria

The national flag of Austria is the Austrian flag as it narrates the legend, goes back to century XII. Then of a battle against the Moors, the white robe of the Duke of Babenberg, used as a flag, was covered with blood, excluding the central part, protected by the belt. Used since 1230 , it is one of the oldest in Europe . The three red, white and red horizontal bands served as flags at the end of the 18th century and then the day after World War I when the Habsburg empire gave way to a republic. It is then resumed after the period of Austria’s attachment to Germany (1938-1945), in the course of which Austria adopts the Nazi flag. Since 1804 , When the Austrian Empire led by the House of Habsburg was formed, the adopted flag used the colors of the Habsburg House: yellow and black. In 1869, following the 1867 Commitment of Emperor Franz Joseph I, which gave rise to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria adopted the ancient imperial emblem as his own, while Hungary adopted its own flag. For matters relating to both States, the Empire used two special flags: the war flag was a redbloc triband with a shield centered on the left half, while the merchant flag added to the right side the Hungarian minor shield, and the lower fringe Was red on the left and green on the right. After the end of the Empire.

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Austria Flag Meaning

The national flag of Austria meaning to the colors of the flag, but the legend and reality are mixed. The colors would have their origin in the time of the medieval crusades, when in the combats they used white uniforms and, during the fight, they were covered of blood. The middle part was the only one that remained white.

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