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National Day of Caregivers October 6

We are going to share today is what national day ?On October 6 National Day of Caregivers is celebrated. In the absence of an international mobilization on the subject, France created its National Day of Caregivers in 2010, at the initiative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

National Day of Caregivers October 6

8.3 million caregivers

More than 8 million people can be considered as “caregivers”, in this capacity they regularly and unprofessionally assist people in their environment who need help at home.

National Day of Caregivers October 6

The caregivers’ tasks range from races to accompaniment to doctors, household chores, gardening, DIY or even more specific aids such as food aid. in many cases, these aids are provided in the family, thus maintaining an inter generational link.

The role of family associations

Family associations strongly emphasize the role of family carers and note that if families are to assume a share of solidarity with people with disabilities or with loss of autonomy, this support must be accompanied by the public authorities who must, on their side, to pursue an ambitious policy towards family carers.

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