Robin: National Bird of UK

National Bird of UK

National Bird of UK is Robin. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) conducts an online survey in which members of the public can vote for birds, from a list of 60 candidates, they have to choose a Britain’s national bird. Robin flies to the top of the British “national bird” survey. The robin is known about Britain’s “national bird” as part of a campaign led by David Lindo, a birdwatcher and television host.

National Bird of UK

History of National Bird of UK 

The presenter Spring Watch BBC and ornithologist David Lindo launched to win the ballot, with red robin 34 percent of the vote. The owl was second (12 percent) to the third blackbird, (11 percent).
[table caption=”Robin Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,UK
2,Scientific name,Erithacus rubecula
3,Wingspan,20 – 22 cm (Adult)
4,Lifespan,13 Months
5,Mass,16 – 22 g
6,Body Length,50-60cm

Mr. Lindo now wants to campaign with the government to recognize the official robin – an image that often dominates Cards, the national bird of the United Kingdom.

Robin supporters say that their friendly but energetic character embodies all that is good to be British.

It is now envisaged that the Government will grant to Robinsome form of official recognition.

Although it is impossible to present with the Lion and the Unicorn in the Royalcoat of Arms, and its hope that it may appear in the minting of futures, notes or any other official emblem.

Rory Stewart, a Minister of the Environment, welcomes Robin’s victory by saying, “The robin is a British countryside synonym and I am delighted that so many people have chosen in the poll to name them their favorite bird. He said, “The UK has one of the best species in the world and I encourage everyone to use our great assets such as parks and forests where birds like the Robin can be seen in their natural national environment”.

The well-known birdwatcher and the spring watch transmitter, David Lindo, orchestrated the campaign. He said that he launched the national bird of voting after discovering that Britain is one of the few countries in the world not to have its own national bird.

The United States has the bald eagle, the blackbird of Sweden; Japan the green Pheasant and India has the peacock.

The first round of the national campaign of voting for the birds of Britain took place in the autumn of 2014, when more than 70,000 people have chosen a list of 60 iconic British birds including skylark, cuckoo and the nightingale.

In the final round, voters were asked to choose among the ten most popular birds, in which watched out, the Robin secure 75,623 votes.

The beautiful Robin, the red breast in our rich literary history – Chaucer, Blake and Wordsworth Merles mentioned in no fewer than 14 of his poems – corresponds to the way we associate the species with the most sacred celebration.

Not only is a robin, a mark of Christmas celebrations, it is a symbol of the resurrection, the redness of his chest stained by the blood of Christ.

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