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Raggiana Bird Of Paradise : National Bird of Papua New Guinea

National Bird of Papua New Guinea

The national bird of Papua New Guinea is the bird of Paradise are considered the most beautiful birds in existence. The variety of colors in these birds is extreme. They also have long, thin feathers that look either fragile or rigid. During the heat, the males exhibit all their beauty in acrobatic manifestations trying to attract some of the not so colorful females.

The national bird of Papua New Guinea is located in Australia, with the greatest diversity of species in New Guinea. They live in the woods, spending most of their time in the trees.

Papua New Guinea national bird

The national bird of Papus New Guinea is Bird of paradise raggiana (Paradisaea raggiana). It is one of the largest members of the family of the birds of paradise, national bird of Papua New Guinea that by its importance hondea in the flag of the country.

National Bird of Papua New Guinea

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Common name: Bird of paradise Raggi, Raggiana Bird of paradise, bird of paradise Count Raggi.

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Scientific name: Paradisaea raggiana.


They live in the tops of the great trees of the forest , more than thirty or forty meters high, are widely distributed in the south and north east of New Guinea .


Interesting Fact about Bird of Paradise Raggiana

The uniform brown color of the female’s contrasts with the striking and iridescent plumage of the males with the top of the yellow head and neck , green throat and black chest and with brown feathers on the wings adorned with long plumes that depending on the subspecies can vary in color between the two orange white to red.

Sexual Dimorphism

It has a marked sexual dimorphism while males are of an average length of 71 cm and weighing 340 g, females only measure 30 cm and weigh around 200 g.


The nominal subspecies, Paradisaea raggiana has feathers of a more intense red , while the subspecies Paradisaea raggiana augustavictoriae of the north east and also well-known like bird of paradise of the empress of Germany has feathers rosaceous orange . Its beak , like its legs, is gray and robust. The breeding system of this bird is polygamy.

[table caption=”Raggiana bird of paradise Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Papua New Guinea
3,Wingspan,44 cm
5,Mass Male,133 – 200grm
6,Mass Female,140 – 230grm
7,Body Length,33-34 cm


They are omnivores, their diet consists mainly of fruits and arthropods , and this species is an important seed disperser of the fruit trees of New Guinea and the main one for some trees such as mahogany and nutmeg .


The males to perform the procession meet in leks where they display their exhibitions before the females who visit them. There are perches in prominent places there that the males will have disputed with the rivals. Females lay two eggs of colored pinkish.




National Bird of Papua New Guinea

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