Baku : The capital city of Azerbaijan

capital city of Azerbaijan

The capital city of Azerbaijan is Baku. Azerbaijan place of stories and legends. It is a small State which lies on the shores of the Caspian Sea and has borders with Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Russia. Such proximity as it has earned him sit under the Communist orbit for decades and although the Soviet Union is history neighbors continue to weigh. The people in this country mostly practice Shiite islam and although in theory it is a democracy is not the most defended the world’s democracies.

Capital City of Azerbaijan

Its capital of Azerbaijan (Baku) is  a port city which is on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea and is the center of all the petroleum activity in the area, for example it abounds in refineries and industries related to the equipment for this economic activity, but there are also many textile industries, shipyards, cement and others. But apart from the entire modern city, we know that the port is never the part more beautiful of any need to know Baku (Capital of Azerbaijan) is an ancient city with centuries of history.

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Why Baku is Capital city of Azerbaijan

capital city of Azerbaijan

Baku was founded in the 11th century and therefore retains mosques, old residences and palaces of the 14th and 15th centuries, mainly. A stroll through its streets is a walk through the history of the country so we can divide the city into three zones: a former area, the area built by the Soviets during the years of communism and the ensanche. Since 2000 Baku historic is considered world heritage by UNESCO since it conserves still streets, walls and ancient towers. Here we find the maiden’s Tower from the 11th century, many mosques and the so-called Palace of the Shirvan Shahs of the 15th century, for example.

Interesting facts About Baku

In the ensanche area is where the main museums are and already out of the walls we encounter with the modern city itself that is divided into eleven districts. There are museums dedicated to archaeology, ethnography, books, ancient art, the country’s agriculture and many hogares-museos of important characters in the history of Azerbaijan. We add strengths, a commercial district of the 16th and 17TH centuries, a beautiful Orthodox Church, 15th century baths and 19th and seven theatres.

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