6 Most Popular Betting Games Among Indian Players in 2024

Betting is popular all around the world, and the existence of online betting platforms is just a small proof that this claim is so true, and that a lot of people are currently obsessed with it. India is not an exception, and you can find a lot of gambling services based there. The people in this country love the usual things, like we all do, including sports betting, poker, blackjack, but also their authentic games like Indian Rummy, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, and so on.

Some of them are played online, but others are played in the real life. Maybe this will come as a surprise to you, but Indian people are passionate bettors and gamblers, even though western cultures have different beliefs about the way they live. Most of the casino and betting games and websites are listed on, and as you can see, the popular betting services are available there too, but obviously, under other terms and regulations, that are associated with their local laws.

Here are the most popular betting games in India, that people there absolutely love:

1. IPL


For example, they bet on IPL (Indian Premier League), which is the most popular cricket event there, and thousands of Indians who are actively placing bets every time there is some hot match happening. This is one of the main differences in the Indian gambling world, compared to the other countries, because the IPL is unique enough, for the people to love it. Also, the bettors all around the world are recognizing the potential of this league, and they are willing to place some money and predict the results, just to test their luck.

2. eSports


This is a worldwide competition that is popular almost everywhere, and India is not an exception. For those who don’t know what is eSports (if there is someone like that), it’s a championship for the most popular video games, like Country Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and so on. In this country, there are betting websites that support this type of gambling, and surely it’s a very profitable market because the video games we mentioned have plenty of active players based in the Indian cities and towns, who are taking a big part in the eSports.

3. Traditional sports


The most popular sport in the world is European football, also known as soccer. European leagues are still the most attractive ones for the bettors. Probably everyone in the world knows a lot about popular teams as Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Milan, Inter, and so on. Also, Indians bet on American basketball (aka the NBA league), American football, water polo, Olympic games, handball qualifications, World Cup, and many other sports that are known and popular all around the world.

4. Indian casino


Indian casinos are not much different than what we know and recognize as a casino. Most of the popular games like roulette, baccarat, poker, slots, and blackjack are already included. But, also there are traditional games people there prefer over the international ones, including:

Teen Patti/Indian Flush – it’s the same game that is equally present with both names. It’s played with three cards, and the players place the bets, increase them, raise, and call, which is similar to traditional poker. It’s popular outside the country too – almost everyone in South Asia knows how to play it in the spare time.

Indian Rummy – it’s also known as Papplu, and it can be played both online or physically. If it’s played by two players, two decks of cards are used. For more than two players, they use three decks, and every player gets 13 cards, and they combine them to get a sequence or set. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s similar to the game known as Hand or Bridge in western cultures.

Jhandi Munda – a popular Indian street game that got an online version. In the rest of the world, it can be found under the names of Crown or Anchor, but the rules are adapted locally. Even though most of the citizens have already played it on the streets, now they are making it a popular gambling game, and put some bets on it while the game is played.

5. Field Hockey


This is India’s national sports game because it has a rich legacy, and historical roots, with two teams by 11 players. One of them is goalkeeper, and it’s similar to traditional soccer. The game is split into 4 halves, and the players use hockey stick, but they play it on the field of grass or specialized mat cover that imitates grass. Since it’s very popular, it’s normal that it’s often a part of the betting books.

6. Kabaddi


It’s a competition play between two teams of seven players each. It’s a contact sport, and the players are pushing against each other, trying to win the game. There are standard and circle styles and both are pretty famous in the country. It’s also played in Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, and other parts of the Indian subcontinent.

How Indians bet and gamble?

Just like everyone else – they have access to the websites, use the betting apps available for their phones, that are compatible with the rules and regulations. They also pay a lot of attention to security and verification, and they are aware that the system can be vulnerable, and prone to cyber-attacks.

When they win, they can choose to be paid in cash or to withdraw the money directly to the bank account. E-money services as Skrill and Neteller are also available there, making the transactions easier for those who bet online.

In a conclusion, we can say that betting and gambling are becoming a very important part of people’s lives all around the world, and some of them even consider these games as a nice way to make some additional money. The Indian gambling scene is full of bets for worldwide popular, but also traditional sports and games, making the market one of the best in the world.

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