Minsk : The Capital City Of Belarus

Capital City Of Belarus

The capital city of Belarus is Minsk. After World War II most of the city was destroyed. It was rebuilt by Stalin in the 1950s. During the Soviet period it was capital of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus from 1919 to 1991.

Capital City Of Belarus

Today capital city of Belarus (Minsk) is a great metropolis; it is the largest city in Belarus. By its population, Minsk occupies the 116th place among the cities of the world. It has a predominant architecture of the Soviet era, but also with modern buildings dating back to the disintegration of the USSR. Its population is estimated at 1.9 million inhabitants

History of Minsk

According to an ancient legend, it seems there was a giant named Menesk who had a mill on the river bank near the city. With that mill, he grinded the stones to make some bread that later fed his warriors and it is believed that this is the history from which comes the name of the Minsk.

The history of capital city of Belarus (Minsk) began in the 10th century with Prince Rahvalod of Viking origin, who ruled a principality called Polatsk and which included the territory in which the capital of Belarus is.

The first mention of the city dates from about this time, and more specifically of the year 1066 when it is spoken of during the dynastic struggle between the principalities of Polatsk and Kiev . But this city would soon fall into the hands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and in 1499 would receive privileges city. It would be around 1655 when Minsk was conquered by Tsar Alexander I of Russia and although soon after King John II of Poland regained it, a century later it would return to Russian hands to be annexed to the Russian Empire.

Capital City Of Belarus

Interesting Facts about Minsk 


Minsk has an extensive network of buses , trolleybuses and trams , also has the subway whose first line was put into operation in 1984 , the network currently consists of two lines whose extensions are currently under construction.

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Minsk Airport

The international airport of Minsk is the most important of Belarus and serves not only the whole area of ​​the capital but the whole country. In addition to the sabotage flights, it also operates several major destinations in Europe and some in Asia, with destinations to Russia and neighboring countries being the most. Just over 1 million passengers transited in 2009. Public buses, express, minibuses and taxis connect to Minsk airport with urban area. There are 2 buses with regular routes to the airport: lines 173 and 300. The 300 bus connects the airport with the Minsk train station in 30 minutes and the bus stations “Vostochniy” and “Moskovskiy”. Bus 173 goes to Sokol. The taxi stand is in front of the gate 5-6.


Minsk is today the most important cultural center of Belarus. In Belarus there is an extensive network of cultural centers: 18 museums (including the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus, the Belarusian Public Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War), 12 theaters (Including the National Drama Theater M.Gorki, the National Drama Theater Y.Kupala, the Grand National Academic Theater of Opera, the National Academic Grand Ballet Theater ), 26 club type centers, 27 arts schools, plus Of 10 independent concert organizations and creative collectives. In addition, 29 cinemas and 139 libraries operate in the city. Edited 300 magazines and more than 700 newspapers. Which gives an idea of ​​the importance of this capital in the cultural life Belarus? Minsk, a Soviet-style city with first-class opera and ballet.

Among the monuments we can mention the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, one of the few Baroque styles surviving the war, the Cathedral of St. Joseph and the Fortified Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in which especially two twin towers.


One of the most celebrated celebrations by its inhabitants and most interesting for tourists is the Day of Ivan Kuala, which is considered as a libertine party enjoyed especially by young people. During this day songs are sung and jumped through bonfires. However, the most striking is the fact that the girls weave wreaths that are then thrown into the water with the intention that they look for their beloved. In Minsk the most outstanding dish is the mushrooms are combined with different sauces so this type of food is served in most restaurants.

River fish are also very important, as there are many who travel the land of the city, making it one of the most popular foods. As for drinks it is recommended to try mainly the kvas, which is a drink resulting from the fermentation of malt, sugar, peppermint and fruits.


The urban complex of an apart of the main avenue of the capital, Avenida de la Independencia, was recognized by UNESCO as a historical and cultural heritage and among a thousand of the best architectural works was included in the encyclopedia “World Architecture 1900 – 2002” Of 10 volumes. Currently the possibility of the inclusion of this architectural set in the List of Monuments of UNESCO Culture is analyzed. In the Avenue of Independence is located the unique building of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.

Places of Interest in Minsk

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit: it was for a long time an old church of the monastery of the nuns of the Order of St. Bernard and is at present one of the few constructions of the baroque of Belarus that I can resist to the bombings of the Nazi armies in the Second World War. It is therefore one of the oldest monuments of this city, since it was built in the year 1642.

Central Avenue of the Winners: it was the old Avenue Francysk Skaryna although after the rise to power of the Soviets was remodeled so that today is one of the best examples of the Stalinist empire style that ruled the USSR between 1932 and 1955. At present it is pending to be included in the list of monuments of UNESCO.

Zaslauje: is a very old villa that was founded in the 10th century. Of the remains of the wall that have remained has been extracted enough information of the fortifications of the time as well as some data on this Belarusian castle.

Church of the Transfiguration: it was built in the XVI century inside the land in which was the castle of Zaslauje, concretely next to the walls. At first it was a Calvinist temple, but in the 19th century it was converted into an Orthodox church as a consequence of the general policy of Justification.

Catholic Church of Our Lady: this temple was built in 1744 by the Italian architect Fontana, being one of the few monuments of the Baroque period that have been able to reach the 21st century and attract the attention of tourists.

The most popular recreation place in the city is the artificial sea of ​​Minsk, which is surrounded by beaches and parks. The city also houses the main Belarusian zoo and some spa facilities


The ice skating becomes an especially popular sport in Minsk, where you can skate in front of the National Palace.

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