Malé : Capital City of Maldives

Capital City of Maldives:

It is said that Malé is the capital of the smallest country in the world , with measures of 2 km long by 1 km wide. It is totally surrounded by a wall of 3 m of height that protects it from the flood of the level of the sea. In 2006 it counted on more than 100,000 inhabitants, that is to say, a third of the population of the country, which turns it into one of the most densely populated cities .
The city of Male is situated more or less in the center of the archipelago, in the island that bears the same name, which in turn forms part of the homonymous atoll, although administratively it forms part of the atoll Kaafu . It is the business, commercial, health and educational center of the country, as well as the seat of government.

Malé Capital City of Maldives

Interesting Facts about Malé:

Male is the capital and largest city of Maldives and yes, it has some interesting things to see and do. In this post we are going to give you 5 ideas of things to see and do in Male.

1- Fish Market

Perhaps it is Male’s most famous attraction. The best time to visit it is undoubtedly in the afternoon when, the boats have already returned and take their booty to the mainland. We saw a lot of fish, but the ones that have impressed us most were the tunas … that’s great for God’s sake!

2- Local Market

Near the fish market there is another local market where you can buy fruit or food typical of the Maldives. We tried a coconut sugar that was the end of the world!

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3- Muslim Culture

You will notice as soon as you arrive: Maldives is a Muslim nation and mosques are in every corner. We love to hear the call to prayers and if you have never done it, we advise you to visit a mosque or “spy” outside the faithful while they pray.

Malé Capital City of Maldives

4- Artificial beach

Since, paradoxical but true, the capital of Maldives had no pretty beach they decided to create an artificial beach … and very beautiful! In the morning it is practically deserted, we had it all for ourselves and it is great to take a bath there watching a few meters the waves of the open sea breaking. At dusk it is when it is full of life: children with their moms swim happily on the shore or play in the sand with the popes while the streets are filled with boys who play football, couples give romantic walks or old men who lose their eyes on the sea.

5- Relax!

Soon you will realize: the quality of life of Maldives is very good! And not only for its beaches: its inhabitants seemed to us the most … relaxed. In each street you will see benches and seats to rest to chat, sunbathe or see what happens around you! And if you can also relax tasting some maldiveños snacks … better than better!

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