The Importance of Teaching Children Sleep In Their Own Beds

Sleep is one of the best things for child development, especially if they sleep by themselves. Although some parents don’t mind their children sleeping together in the same bed, this atmosphere can affect the relationship between parents over time. Moreover, there are also many great benefits for the children if you start teaching them to sleep alone early.

The following are some of the benefits of children sleeping alone, keep on reading to know more about them!

Benefits of Children Sleeping Alone

Children Sleep Better


When children have their own room and are used to sleeping alone, the quality of their sleep will be better. This is because they certainly won’t be disturbed by other sounds, such as when you and your partner are discussing things.

Children Learn to Know Themselves Better

It may sound philosophical, but by getting children to sleep alone, children will learn to recognize themselves. Generally, children are afraid to sleep alone because there is no one to accompany them. So, on the initial trial maybe this will be a big challenge. However, as time goes by, your little one learns that sleeping alone is nothing to be afraid of.

At first, you should accompany them to their room as they slowly fall asleep in their bed. Eventually, they will get used to sleeping alone and won’t require your help to put them to sleep anymore.

Sleeping Alone Teaches Children About Privacy

The next benefit for children sleeping alone is to introduce children to the principle of privacy. Your little one needs to learn that parents have their relationship, so if he is “alienated”, it is not because he is not loved, but because other people need their own quality time. Parents who first teach their children about privacy tend to make children respect the life principles of other people who are different from them.

Children Get Familiar with Their Bedtime


In addition to generating self-confidence, the benefits of sleeping alone are helping children to be independent and know their bedtime. Children who sleep at the right time will generally experience an increase in cognitive performance which is important for their future development.

Makes Children More Disciplined

Letting your children sleep alone is also a way for you to teach them to be more disciplined from an early age. Sleeping alone will teach the children to know the exact time for them to sleep, thus they will get used to being organized.

Increase Children’s Confidence

Getting your little one to sleep alone will increase their self-confidence. This will have a good impact on their future growth and development, especially in social skills. Your child will be more confident when they start having friends.

Cultivating Good Adaptability


Another benefit that is no less important when a child can sleep alone is having good adaptability. When the child is used to sleeping separately from their parents, they will be able to overcome all the feelings and try to make themselves comfortable. This adaptability will be very useful when they start school and maintain a relationship with a wider social environment.

Practicing Courage

It’s not easy for your little one to sleep alone without their parents. Sleeping in their room provides them with challenges to train their courage.

They can try to sleep without the comfort of their parents’ presence, and try to overcome their own fears. At first, your little one might cry and look out for you, but as parents, you have to convince them that they can and should be able to sleep in their room.

Maintain Husband and Wife Relations

When children sleep in their parent’s beds every night, this can interfere with the intimacy between you and your partner. You will lack quality time, and this can be the reason why your relationship is going sore. Therefore, the benefits of letting your child sleep alone do not only impact the child, but also the parental relationship.

How to Teach Children to Sleep Alone?

After knowing the benefits of children sleeping alone, you might want to start sleep training for your children. Here are all the tips that you should do and prepare beforehand.


Prepare a Clean and Comfortable Bedroom for Your Little One

Before teaching them to sleep alone, you can prepare a bedroom for them. You should prioritize safety and comfort for your children by choosing a room with the closest location to your room.

You can also give a special touch to the room so that your little one feels comfortable staying on their own. For example, you can design it with their favorite cartoon character or dominate the room with their favorite color. Anything that can help soothe them while they are trying to sleep by themselves.

Don’t forget to regularly clean the room to maintain its cleanliness, and make sure that it does not become a breeding place for dust and dirt. You can hire Luce Home Singapore to help you out on cleaning the whole house, including the kids’ room thoroughly.

Give Compliments

When your little one makes it through his first night sleeping alone, you can give him praise. If necessary, give a gift in the form of a favorite toy so that he is even more motivated to continue sleeping alone.

Read Them a Story Book

This habit can be done even since your little one is under 1 year old. This is one way to set a baby’s bedtime more regularly from an early age. You can read their favorite story book so that they will fall asleep immediately.

Story books are said to make children feel calmer as well as stimulate their brains better. Reading stories for them can also teach them reading habits and increase their vocabulary from an early age. This habit is also a way for them to be able to calm down when they are learning to sleep separately from their parents.

These are some explanations about the benefits of training your children to sleep alone. Though it also might be hard for you to part ways with your child, remember that teaching them to sleep alone will have a good impact on their development.

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