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Luxembourg City : Capital Of Luxembourg

Capital Of Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is a native country in Northern Europe and is surrounded by Belgium in the west, France to the south and Germany to the east. Citizen, it is the richest country in the EU, as one of the smallest. It is characterized by the presence of hills and forests.

The main sectors of the Luxembourg economy in 2015 were finance and insurance (28.4%), wholesale and retail, transport and hospitality (16.6%), and public administration, education, health and social services (15.6 %).

The main export markets are Germany, France and Belgium, while the main import partners Belgium, Germany and China.Luxembourg City Capital Of Luxembourg

Interesting Facts About Luxembourg City

Figures and facts about Luxembourg compared to other EU countries
Statistical profile Luxembourg
Government of Luxembourg FR
Luxembourg EU
The European Parliament
There are six representatives of Luxembourg in the European Parliament. Find out who they are.

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Council of the EU
National ministers meet regularly to adopt EU legislation and coordinate European policies. These meetings attend representatives of the Luxembourg government, depending on the policies being discussed.

Presidency of the EU Council
The EU Council has any permanent and unipersonal presidency, such as the Commission or Parliament, but this task is covered by the country that his presidency, which rotates every six months.

During this time, the ministers in the country The President of the Council meets in each policy area, they help to set the agenda and promote dialogue with the other EU institutions.

Presidency of the EU Council

European Commission
President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker Search translations from previous link DA •••, from Luxembourg.

The European Commission was represented in any EU country at a local office called “representation”.
Commission Representation in Luxembourg Find available translation of the previous link FR •••

European Economic and Social Committee
Luxembourg has five representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee. This advisory body, employers representing workers and other stakeholders advises on proposed legislation, better understood the potential changes in the labor market and social situation in the Member States.

Luxembourg City Capital Of Luxembourg

Luxembourg has five representatives in the European Committee of the Regions, the meeting of local and regional representatives from the EU. This announcement also advises on legislative proposals to ensure that they take into account all EU regions’ perspectives.

Permanent Representation at the EU
Luxembourg also do communicates with European union institute through its  representation in Brussels. As the embassy in the EU “to ensure its main task of ensuring that the interests and policies in the country are most effectively pursued in the EU.

Budgets and funding
What does Luxembourg receive and receive?
The financial contributions from Member States to the EU budget allocate relatively-based resources. The bigger the economy of a country, the more it pays and vice versa. The EU budget is committed to not distributing wealth, but rather to focus on the needs of all Europeans as a whole.

Luxembourg City Capital Of Luxembourg

Distribution of economic relations in Luxembourg with the EU in 2015:

Total expenditure in the EU in Luxembourg: 1649 million
Total EU expenditure as a percentage of Gross National Income (GNI) in Luxembourg: 4.80%
Total contribution Luxembourg to the EU budget: EUR 350 million
Contribute Luxembourg to the EU budget as a percentage of GNI: 1.02%

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