Kuwait City : Capital Of Kuwait

Capital City Of Kuwait:

Sophisticated and interesting, Kuwait City is characterized by excellent museums, eclectic souqs and shopping malls, a world-class aquarium and stunning architecture. A fascinating history adds these sights, and the capital remains one of the most exciting cities in the region.

Kuwait City Capital Of Kuwait

Interesting Facts About Kuwait city:

Elmubarakiya market Kuwait

For centuries, sugar has been the center of life in the Gulf region. Although Kuwait City’s old Souq is now contained in a smart modern building, the bus market retains much of its ancient atmosphere. There, locals trade dates and olives in a contemporary tradition, chop over the tails of beef and ribs of offal and sell aromatic spices that fill the air with a intoxicating scent. Spend a couple of hours of softening in the souq’s energy, sampling local delicacies and shopping for wool vests, black kohl eyeliner, gold-plated dresses and crafts.

Kuwait city skyline

The old Souq represents the city’s past, and the Arab-based building represents its bright future. The magnificent exterior provides space for an airy and light interior, which is a tribute to the Arab architectural principles of decoration, space and function integrity. The sunny 8-story atrium opens to exquisite meeting rooms and extravagant corridors, and the region’s best traditional crafts are represented by lavish carpets, ceramic sculptures and woodwork. To see the extraordinary building, call to request a deal with a tour guide.

Kuwait City Capital Of Kuwait

Sandstorm Kuwait City

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital is the aquarium located in a sail-shaped building on the coast. It is the largest aquarium in the Middle East and home to a dizzying range of wildlife, including turtles, black peaks, giant spider crabs, live reefs, fluorescent watercraft and more. Each screen is interesting, but the most spectacular is floor to ceiling wraparound ray and shark thought.

Marina Waves Kuwait

There are a number of impressive museums in Kuwait City, and one of the best is the National Museum. During the Iraqi occupation, many of the exhibition halls were damaged, burned or robbed, but a great deal of pressure from the international community has led to the return of many of the museum’s treasures. More than 2,000 pieces are now on display and describe various aspects of the nation’s cultural heritage, history and culture. The best exhibits show old treasures found on Failaka Island and Hellenistic limestone cuts.

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Kuwait Towers

The exquisite Tareq Rajab Museum is another of Kuwait City’s finest. Built in a sparkling villa, the ethnographic museum includes dazzling gold jewelry, costumes worn by peasants and princes, Jaipur enamels, inlaid musical instruments, Nepalese necklaces, Omani silver, Bahraini beads and much more.

Kuwait City skyline

One of the most moving spaces in the city is the Al Qurain Martyrs Museum dedicated to the young patriots who tried to resist arrest in February 1991. Iraqis pummeled the house for several hours using bombs, machine guns and even a tank. Four of the patriots managed to hide at a time, but you were caught and killed after being tortured. The small museum is a memorial not only to the patriots, but also to the other families in Kuwait City, who suffered from the Iraqi occupation.

Kuwait City Capital Of Kuwait

Grand Mosque Kuwait City

Other places worth visiting in the capital are the Al-Hashemi Marine Museum, the Sparkling Mirror House, the famous Kuwait Towers, Beit Dickson, home of British colonel Harold Dickson, the extensive Corniche with its 10 mile beaches, trails and Parker, the popular traditional museum and the great mosque, the largest of the capital is more than 800 mosques.

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