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Jennifer Hudson Net Worth in 2024

Someone as talented as Jennifer Hudson needs to be more talked about. This woman needs to get more recognition than she gets. Even though she is really successful, it seems that she can do much more.


Private life


She was born in Chicago, Illinois back in 1981. One of three siblings, Jennifer studied at Dunbar Vocation High School where she graduated in 1999. The funny thing is that she enrolled at Langston University and left it because she got homesick. It only took her one semester to realize that there is nothing better than the place you call home.

She spent 8 years with James Payton before they got separated in 2007. Right after that, she married David Otunga in 2008, former WWE superstar who is mostly known for being a part of the faction called Nexus. Together they have one child named David Daniel Otunga Jr. who is now 11 years of age.


That was probably the only highlight of 2008 for Jennifer as she went through unimaginable tragedy. Her family that included her mother, nephew and brother were all shot and killed. She was really emotional then and avoided the public as much as she could. That’s quite understandable as it is really hard to imagine what she was going through at the time.



When it comes to her career, she is known for her versatility. Jennifer is known for her singing and her acting abilities, two things that are for sure going to make you some money if you are as talented as she is. Her most notable appearances are in movies such as “ Black Nativity”, “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Sex and the City”. Jennifer has been recognized for her work with awards such as Oscar Award and many others that she was able to win throughout her career.

We can’t forget about her singing career that took a little bit later than her acting career. When it comes to acting, she took her first real steps back in 2002, while her first major appearance was in the “American Idol” in 2004.


Signing career took off in 2008 when she had her first debut studio album. The second one came not too long after that in 2001 and is known as “I Remember Me”. The third once came to life in 2014, named JHUD.

With all that being said, there is no doubt that she has had more success in the world of acting as she’s been nominated for the 7th NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture. Throughout her career, she has won many awards such as Golden Globe Award for the Best Supporting Actress and Academy Award for the Best Performance. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say.

Net worth


It’s time to finally tell you her net worth in 2024. That number is estimated at around 25 million dollars. Someone who is as talented as she is can for sure make that number bigger in the coming years. Even though she has had a lot of success throughout her career, we can’t shake a feeling that she is still waiting for that one more big break. We’ll see if she gets it.

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