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national bird of Italy

The national bird of Italy is Italian Sparrow or Passer Italiae. It is also known as a Cisalpine sparrow, it belongs to class Aves, order Passeriformes, suborder Passeri of family Passeridae, and genus Passer.

The binomial name of Italian sparrow is passer Italian given in 1817. Italian Sparrow is common in Italy and shows common characteristics to common sparrows and Spanish sparrows. They are found everywhere from Northern Italy to the Swiss Alps. Few populations of passer italiae do exist in the Mediterranean region. The habitat of Italian Sparrows is diverse, they are found in some parts of Southern Italy and Malta that have mild to a warmer climate, the main species are found in Northern Italy and Alps that are colder regions. They nest in houses and farms, agricultural lands, trees, and sometimes on rocks.

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The Italian Sparrows which is the Italian national bird are commonly seed eaters, they collect seeds from agricultural lands, from towns, and sometimes feed on insects and lizards. They are commonly considered the hybrid species of house sparrows or common sparrows. The Passer Italiae have a small size with mixed coloring usually a combination of brown and gray feathers. Male and female Sparrows show different color combinations and a slight change in length and pattern. The males are more like their predecessors Spanish Sparrows, they have a chestnut crown, and the same pigmentation and patterns at head and sides of the head. The underparts are pale gray while the feathers and the upper region of the body are light greys. The females are more like the house sparrows, they have dull underparts and slightly darker upperparts than their male counterparts.

[table caption=”Italian Sparrow Features” width=”500″]
No., Features, Measures,
1, National Bird, Italy
2, Rank, Species
3,Wingspan,6.2 to 7.0 cm
4, Phylum, Chordate
5, Mass Male,24 – 40 g
6, Mass Female,24 – 40 g
7,Body Length,14 – 18 cm

The size is very similar to common sparrows, mainly between 14-17 cm in length, the tail is longer than common sparrows, about 5-6 cm in length, the wings are small, and the flight is short but quick. The wingspan is about 7-8 cm, and the average weight is around 30-35 grams in the winter season and 20-26 grams in summers. The nest comprises of grass, feathers, tits, and bits found in garbage and mud, etc.

Interesting Facts About Italy’s National Bird:

  • Italian Sparrows are social birds, they mostly inhabit near civilizations, their favorite place to nest are buildings and houses.
  • Every season, Italian Sparrow hatch 3-8 eggs at a time, their eggs are similar in size and shape the common house sparrows.
  • The estimated population of Italian Sparrow worldwide is more than 10 Million pairs.
  • They migrate to areas attached to their permanent residence, sometimes they may travel up to 100 kilometers in search of food and suitable weather.
  • Italian Sparrows were used as a key source of food for thousands of years in Italy and France.
  • The eggs are hatched after two weeks, the chicks are fed for 3-4 weeks before they fly away.
  • The Italian Sparrows are capable of 4 broods every season that extends from April to August season.
  • The call is similar to the house sparrowchwee-wee wee-wee.
  • Sometimes they migrate to Malta and then to Africa.

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Picture of Italian Sparrow

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Italian Sparrow Picture

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