4 Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Gamble

Gambling represents an old form of entertainment. One of the first casinos with features similar to modern casinos was opened in Italy in the 17th century. After that, many countries started opening these resorts to provide people with a chance to play their favorite games. The gambling industry became especially popular in the 20th century, with the introduction and rise in popularity of modern games like slot machines, roulette, poker, and more. One of the most popular gambling spots in the world is Las Vegas, where some of the first casinos were opened during the 40s. The interesting fact about the United States is that gambling is limited in this country, which means that you are allowed to gamble only in particular places, such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

However, the internet has the biggest impact on the gambling community. For example-, for a long time, the games in casinos were labeled as man’s entertainment, and most visitors there were males. On the other hand, online platforms attract women much more as well. We have to mention the convenience that represents one of the main reasons for such a popularity of online platforms in the first place. You can easily find a reliable website in any country. You can check for some popular online bookies and casinos available in Croatia.

Furthermore, with the rapid development of technology, these services are improving as well, especially in terms of experience for players and the selection of games available on websites. Today, the internet represents the main factor that made online gambling so popular. Here are some of the most important examples related to the ways how the internet changed the way we gamble.

1. No Need for Traveling


In countries where gambling is limited, the ability to play your favorite games over the smartphone, tablet, or PC had a huge impact on the behavior of both occasional and professional gamblers. Even though many professionals are still more interested in live tables, websites managed to become a much more popular option after a short time. Another reason for that is that you can play whenever you want and wherever you are. That is very important in countries like the United States, where you have to plan a whole trip only to try out your luck in some popular casino resort.

2. More Newbies


Online gambling platforms are using an excellent strategy to attract more people, the welcome bonus. You can get this award after the registration and your first deposit on the account. However, you know that in most cases, you won’t be able to withdraw these free funds. Nevertheless, everything that you win by using them can be cashed out. This feature is one of the reasons why so many people who never gambled before started experimenting with various games to see which one would suit them the best. There is especially a rise in popularity in 2024, where many people are under the restrictions and lockdown measures, which means that they have too much free time at home.

3. People are Experimenting More


There are thousands of websites and mobile apps available today where you can choose from numerous games. In that matter, it is not a surprise that many people would choose to change games more often. For many people, it is entertaining when you can simply switch to another game while gambling over a mobile device. On the other hand, while you are gambling in the land casino, the chances that you will get stuck to one table or slot machine are much higher. The developers are constantly improving and creating new titles.

4. There Are More Occasional Players


Before the ability to play online, many people were interested in trying out their luck. However, the long-distance or some other issues were preventing them from enjoying gambling more often. Today, you can use your smartphone at any time to access your favorite game and have some fun. That is an excellent way to use your free time or while you are on a lunch break at work. Another great advantage is related to people who are not interested in investing a lot of money. The minimum bet in most casinos is only 10 cents, which represents a great way for many people to have a lot of fun without worries that they will lose too much money. On the other hand, there is the ability to play with high stakes as well.


Online gambling platforms were introduced during the 90s, and many people were immediately attracted to the ability to save a lot of time by gambling at home. Nonetheless, it required some time until websites became capable of providing the players with the experience they can have today. The important factor is the development of the internet connection that became much faster over time. Also, the advancements in digital technologies and hardware options allowed developers to create better games. The biggest impact on popularity is the introduction of smartphones. Shortly after the release of the first iPhone and Android devices, there were already many mobile apps where you can gamble online.

When it comes to the most recent trends in the gambling industry, we can see that companies continue to improve the service in a way where it can offer people an even better experience. Some of the most recent advancements are related to the implementation of blockchain technology, cloud services, virtual reality, 3D and 4D graphics, and more. In that matter, we can expect that the community of people who are interested in gambling online will continue to rise. All of these modern features are making the sense of playing games on websites and apps to become even closer to the feel of playing in a land-based casino. Virtual reality is especially important for the future development of games like Texas Hold’Em, Roulette, Pokies, and more. Another excellent feature is the introduction of live dealers, which improves the experience even more.

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