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International Human Rights Day November 19

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Should we see in International Human Rights Day as the reversed copy of World Women’s Day celebrated on March 8? According to its initiator, it is quite another thing. The professor and historian Jerome Teelucksingh, since it is about him, had the idea to put forward the problems specific to the male .

International Human Rights Day November 19

An unexpected success
Launched in 1999 and scheduled for 19 November, the day is now celebrated in more than 60 countries. The initiative is surprising, however, as Western habits are anchored in the “masculine” reading of social issues that are still authoritative in many areas.

It would be wrong to believe that the promoters of this day are fighting for an even more assertive statement of “machismo”. It is in fact this traditional vision of male society that they wish to question.

Male positive
Reinventing gender relations for the sake of equality, without prejudice to the male or female vision, is the reason for the existence of this day. For the moment, evolution are timid … but it will certainly take time to realize, that man is not a woman like the others!

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