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International Day of Families May 15

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution of 20 September 1993, International Day of Families is an event that reflects the importance that the international community attaches to the family, the basic unit of society, as well as the interest that it brings to the situation of families in the world. And encourage governments to focus on family policy.

International Day of Families May 15

International Day of Families May 15

International Family Day is an opportunity to increase understanding of the issues facing families and to stimulate appropriate initiatives. It could become a powerful mobilizing factor in all countries seeking to address the problems facing families in every society. International Family Day also offers an opportunity to highlight the solidarity that unites families in their search for a better quality of life.

The situation of families in France

The statistics are formal: the family is popular in France! Since the beginning of the third millennium, marriages and births have been steadily increasing. With 778,900 births in 2000 and 774,800 in 2001 (source: INSEE), the figures for the French birthrate remain at a high level. The number of marriages is also increasing, regardless of the increase in the number of PACs.

Governments, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, religious groups and individuals can help publicize the functions performed by families and their problems, strengths and needs by organizing events on the occasion of the International Day families. This day is also an opportunity to better understand the economic, cultural, social and demographic processes that affect families.

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