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5 Interesting facts about Romania

Interesting facts about Romania

Today we will help you out to know about some awesome and interesting facts about Romania, you will be amazed after reading these interesting facts about Romania.

Interesting facts about Romania

  • Lack of typical food as such: Romania borders on several countries such as Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland, among others. This makes them prone to the culture merging in the center, causing the food does not belong specifically to Romania, if not a mixture of that of its neighbors.
  • Urban bus transportation is free for students: If a person regularly attends an educational institution, they have the right to free public transport until they stop studying and / or start working. After this, a monthly payment is made that gives access to all the routes during the 30 days of the month that is paid.
  • The Romanian society is known for its hospitality: If someone is lost in the city and sees the need to call a door for help, he will be well received. They can offer you water, food or even lodging for a couple of nights. They are always willing to help anyone in distress.

  • It is normal to look for universities in other countries: Many students choose to attend university in another nearby country. They usually go to Western Europe in search of a good institution, because it is the most economically developed area in those places.
  • The media are in another language: Until a few years ago the vast majority of television channels and books, among other media, were exclusively in languages ​​other than Romanian. The most popular are German and English, so the use of subtitles is very common.

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