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25 Interesting facts about Peru

Interesting facts about Peru

The national holidays are approaching in Peru and I think they are the dates indicated to write an article about some interesting facts about Peru that are not very known that will surprise you and it is very good to know and then comment and share it in any meeting.

25 Interesting facts about Peru

  1. Peru has more than 491 typical dishes and the number can continue to grow.
  2. The dish “Papa a la Huancaína” is from Lima, however its name is due to its creator bought the ingredients in Huancayo .
  3. There are about 90 different micro -climate in Peru, for what is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet.
  4. The Cotahuasi Canyon of Arequipa is considered one of the deepest canyons in the world, twice.
  5. In 1483 the Inca Pachacútec turned Quechua into the official language of the Inca state.
  6. Cusco was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983.
  7. They say that the name “Peru” derives from a Quechua word meaning “abundance”.
  8. The correct word is “Cusco” however, those who speak English write it “Cuzco”.
  9. Peru is the country of America with the most variety of butterflies (3532 species) and mammals (182).
  10. Two thirds of the Peruvian territory are covered in Amazon rainforest.
  11. The best cotton of the world, Pima and Tangüis are Peruvian.
  12. The potato is of Peruvian origin and in the country more than 3000 different species are cultivated.
  13. They say that the tomato also comes from Peru,although it was adopted and domesticated in Mexico.
  14. The National University of San Marcos is the oldest in the Americas, founded in 1551.
  15. The most expensive rescue in history was made in Cajamarca by the Incas to rescue their leader Atahualpa.

  1. Only Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres are the only two saints born in Peru, however, Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo, San Juan Masias and San Francisco Solano were born in Spain, but they developed their episcopal work and lived in Peru until his death.
  2. The dialect of Lima is known as the Peruvian riverine Spanish (without strong intonations).
  3. In the XIX century animals were caked in the Chinese neighborhood, for that reason the name of “The street Capon” others say that in the XVII century there lived a priest nicknamed “Capón” and could proceed the name.
  4. Speaking of the Chinatown, when they arrived in Lima and called to eat they said “Chi Fan” which I think it means “Eat Rice” hence the word “Chifa” which is a Chinese restaurant!
  5. We wanted to make a small replica of the Government Palace and the Casona Suarez was built.
  6. Lima was founded on January 18, was told “The City of Kings” by the approach of the day of the Three Kings and perhaps also as a tribute to the Kings of Spain: Juana I and Carlos.
  7. Jorge Chavez never met Peru, but it was Peruvian and always said it was his distant homeland.
  8. Lima is known as “City of Kings”, “Garden City”, “Queen and Pearl of the Pacific”, “The three times crowned village”, ” City of bells and bells “and more …
  9. During the independence the Bolivian currency entered Peru creating confusion, the solution was to replace the then Peso with” El Sol “.
  10. The Venezuelan government liked the statue of Simón Bolívar so much in the” Plaza Bolívar “(front to Congress) that asked permission to Peru to use their molds and make an identical statue in their country

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