5 Steps of How to Use a Cold Therapy Unit

Cold therapy units are used for several different reasons. Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover from an injury or you suffer from chronic pain, cold therapy is a great way to reduce inflammation and get on the road to recovery. Find out more about the DonJoy IceMan cold therapy unit and 5 easy steps that can be followed to use it correctly!

The DonJoy IceMan Therapy Unit


There are two types of therapy units out there, and you need all the necessary information to get what will work for you.

Ice Therapy Units

These are designed for use with dry ice. You should never place a wet towel or other material on top of an Ice Therapy Unit, as it could melt onto the unit and cause damage.

Cold Therapy Units

This is what we’re looking at today – these aren’t used solely with water but can be used in conjunction with gel packs as well (however they don’t work so great using just dry ice). Visit this site to buy yourself a DonJoy IceMan unit.

Both types of devices have their pros and cons, which will depend on your preferences. For example, some people prefer to treat injuries by keeping them constantly chilled, while others like having the ability to adjust the temperature.

Cold vs. Ice Therapy Units

Cold Therapy units are used for longer-lasting benefits, while ice therapy is better when you need pain relief in a short amount of time. As previously mentioned, cold therapies should not be applied directly onto the skin but rather through towels or other materials that will protect your skin from being burned.

The DonJoy IceMan Unit offers both cold and heat treatments so there’s no reason not to give it a shot today! This unit comes with adjustable temperature control settings so you can relax knowing you’ll get just what’s needed every single time. The dryer vent design also means that there’s no risk of water escaping from the unit and spilling onto your furniture or flooring below. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some relief!

Steps of How to Use a DonJoy IceMan Cold Therapy Unit


Step One

Turn On your DonJoy IceMan Unit & Plug-In the Power Cord. Place the unit on a flat surface within reach from where you sit/lie down for treatment. Make sure that it’s not going to slip off! Now comes the fun part…turning on the unit and plugging in its power cord! This step is very easy; simply flip up this little plastic tab with your finger and turn it on.

To successfully plug in a unit’s power cord, always check if the cord is in the “on” position (which will be indicated by a small green light on most units). Then plug it into any standard electrical outlet.

Step Two


Fill up the reservoir with water and some ice cubes. The more ice you use, the colder your treatment will be, which is great for those who like it extra chilly! (Don’t worry; no one can see into that bin but you.) DonJoy IceMan therapy units can hold up to one gallon of water, so you have quite a bit of room to work with.

You can also add any additives such as pain relief medicine if desired. Don’t overfill! The recommended amount of liquid should be about 60% full. If you are adding additive liquids, make sure it does not exceed 100ml (this will cause some problems).

Step Three

Press the power button and let it go! The DonJoy IceMan will automatically turn on when plugged in (for safety purposes). Make sure your unit is turned up all the way. It should be around -20 degrees Celsius or colder. You can find out how cold your unit is by reading its display screen. If it doesn’t say anything besides “ON”, then that means it’s at 0 degrees Celsius and not doing too much for any discomfort you might be feeling.

The treatment time recommended for most patients using the units like this one ranges between 20-30 minutes per session, but everyone responds differently to treatments.

Step Four


Start using the unit within three minutes of filling it or else it won’t work as well! You’ll want to give yourself a good amount of time before going back to this thing again because once you start getting used to how everything works, things get easier from there on out. It’s always best just to take a break after giving something a go-around the first time.

Step Five

After you’ve finished using your cold pack, make sure to rinse it out and clean it with soap and warm water until all of the moisture is gone from inside. This will help protect any cross-contamination. You can even put a few drops of bleach in there if you want but that’s completely up to you! It’s best just to avoid putting anything else besides bacteria/mold killers such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide into ice packs because they’re not safe for human consumption, which would leave some pretty bad consequences if eaten by mistake (which hopefully none of us ever do!).

Lastly, clean your device after you’re done. All good things must come to an end eventually, including the therapy sessions with your DonJoy IceMan Unit. When it’s time to stop using this device, be sure that you clean it thoroughly before putting it away again in storage. The last thing anyone wants is mold growing on their at-home ice pack. So follow these steps carefully so that none of this happens! Place a towel underneath where you’ll be working so any excess liquid can safely absorb into the material instead of leaking onto your floors or table.

Be sure to remove the gel packs from their case before cleaning them so you can thoroughly clean all parts of this unit properly. Now, fill up a sink full of warm water and add dish soap into it. Use a sponge or something similar that’s safe for cleaning dishes to scrub down every inch of the IceMan Cold Therapy Unit until there are no more grimy bubbles being produced by the cleanser/water mixture. If necessary, have an extra towel on standby just in case! Once everything has been cleaned off well enough, be sure to rinse out any excess liquid away using only regular tap-hot water without adding anything else into it – do not use chemicals such as chlorine bleach.

You’re now ready for use of your cold therapy unit through these steps!

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