How Often Should You Take Vitamins & Supplements? Are There Any Hidden Risks?

When it comes to your health, nothing should stand between it from being top-notch. Some of us exercise a lot, some eat healthily, stress a lot less and find other ways of keeping our health up and getting it to where it needs to be.

One thing is both interesting and sad at the same time and it’s the fact that not all of us have the means of maintaining our health at its prime. Due to lack of time, space, healthy food or air, we need to resort to other means of getting certain vitamins, and supplements that are supposed to help us get to where we need to be.

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As you could figure out from this and the huge title on top of the article the topic of the day is vitamins and supplements and whether are they good or bad for us. Stick with us till the end and we will talk about this and answer these commonly asked questions.

The industry of vitamins and supplements is a multi-billion business and the reason for that is that three in four individuals are taking some form of vitamins or supplements somewhere around the world. There is a thing that is rather interesting here and it is the fact that this business is not as regulated as the pharmaceutical one. If we’re looking at any approved blood pressure drug or anything else that a doctor would prescribe, the amount of research that has to be done on whether it’s safe, whether it works, the labelling requirements are extreme. And then when we have other products like what we see here in terms of supplements, all of these other products that aren’t well regulated.

This leads to some questions and they are justified ones. How much and whether you should take vitamins and supplements at all?! The answer is simple – it depends on which ones and what for.

When it comes to kids and vitamins or multivitamins they can be taken sometimes in certain situations and because of certain things. If you think that your kids, or your own, diet lacks some sort of variety, a particular food that offers some sort of a special vitamin you may include that particular vitamin or a multivitamin in your or your kids’ diet but you don’t have to do it several times a day for extended periods. One pill or tablet a day for a week is totally fine to supplement at least some part of that vitamin or vitamin group you currently lack. The overall opinion is that these are not that necessary since our diet and every part of it has some sort of vitamin in it necessary for our good health. No matter how lacking you think your diet in vitamins is it offers something no matter what. Having a balanced diet with meats, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables is all that you need. In certain seasons we do lack some vitamins that are not present in certain foods and that can be the time when you can add a vitamin or multivitamin supplement briefly.


Some things like issues with your bones – osteoarthritis, can benefit abundantly from certain supplements that help alleviate pain or replace certain chemicals that are naturally found in our bones. These supplements benefit us because they reduce the pain that comes from illnesses like arthritis. But you also have to take other things into consideration like the cost efficiency of taking vitamins and supplements. They are rather expensive and certain supplements like Glucosamine can easily be replaced by something like Advil which is far less expensive and achieves the same thing without contraindications.

There are supplements like Creatinine that are widely used in athleticism and are considered an athletic performance enhancers. There is research that proves the beneficial side of this and we see a lot of athletes praising it for what it is but there is also a bad side to this – worries about what is the long-term health effects of taking this and especially there are several conditions for which people just should not be taking this. So, if you have problems like diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, or if you’re on certain medications, this can be a very dangerous thing to take.

The bottom line in all of this is that before you start taking any vitamins or any other supplements to your diet and food, you should have a sit down with your doctor and talk about it. doing lab work and some analyses is always beneficial especially if you are trying to locate a cause of your state before you try to treat it on your own. The doctor will analyse your data and based on that you will get what you need. There are prescription and non-prescription medications on which you can base your recuperation and your doctor will advise the best for you.


It is not that strange that doctors prescribe certain vitamins and supplements in certain cases because they work and they have their ground in medicine. The longevity and the amounts you should take should be prescribed by your doctor and you should uphold those no matter how benign you think your therapy is. As for the risks, there are always risks attached to these no matter if you are talking about prescription medication or vitamins and supplements. Even regular pharmaceuticals have a lot of warnings and a lot of possible side effects so why wouldn’t these?!

This is why we always advise sitting down with your doctor and talking things through. Never do anything on your own and based on what you have read online. Yes, there is a lot of experience from users but you also need to know that different people react differently to a lot of things so if some vitamin or a supplement helped your neighbour it doesn’t mean that it will help you as well. Just the opposite you may end up with a lot more problems than what you started with.

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