7 House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

House cleaning is one of the most challenging and time-consuming chores. It involves a lot of work, but it can be made easier with the right tools.

Tools for house cleaning:

-Cleaning rags or cloths (Detergents can be used on these too.)
-Vacuum cleaner (with different attachments like the hoses and brushes.)
-Cleaning solution (Preferably non-toxic)
-Scrubber sponges/brushes
-Washing machine (optional, for clothes that can’t be washed in the sink or tub).
-Garbage bags, dustpan, and brush.

Below are seven mistakes to avoid when doing housecleaning:

1. Wiping Dirty Surfaces

Source: insider.com

People wipe things down when they notice a spot or a mark left behind by a stray dish, cup, or water droplets from the faucet, but not all effects are created equal!

Household cleaning mistakes can be costly. Even if you’re not aware of it, wiping dirty surfaces is one of the worst things you can do for your home or office. Here’s why:

Wiping a dirty surface leaves behind germs, dirt, and grime that was missed the first time around – resulting in a transfer of land back onto the area you just wiped down. If done regularly, this can cause your property to get dirtier and dirtier with each wipe-down. Often, people who wipe dirty surfaces are trapping germs and grime in their homes!

2. Moving Dirt From One Spot To The Next

Most of us have done this at some point or another – if not regularly.

It’s the act of moving dirt from one cover to the next with your feet, a mop head/rag/bottle cloth…or even just your hands. While it may seem trivial at first, house cleaning mistakes like this can bring about stains and unsightly grime!

Moving dirt from place to place can rub off the edges of carpet fibers and transfer stains back and forth. By using a simple broom, you can keep it away from these blots of damage. A broom is also great for keeping down the dust on top of dusty surfaces such as bookcases.

3. Using The Wrong Cleaning Products

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Not all household cleaners are created equal. Some can react with other items in your home, potentially causing chemical damage to your walls – even if you use the product as directed.
Using harsh products can also strip away natural oils and moisture from hardwood floors, stone countertops, and grout lines, which can cause cracking and warping over time.

Changing the kinds of products you use is as easy as tweaking your household cleaning routine with a little bit of research. Often, all you need to do is switch from dish soap to castile soap or baking soda + peroxide (make sure you stay away from any bleach-based products).

4. Not Vacuuming Floors

Even if you sweep regularly, it’s easy to miss out on dirt and grime that has settled within the fibers of your carpet…and this results in damage over time! The types of things missed with a cursory broom include hairballs (animal or human), cement dust from shoes, and more.

Over time, these can cause permanent discoloration or even lead to swelling in some cases. A simple remedy is thoroughly vacuuming your floors with a vacuum equipped with an attachment nozzle for carpets. This will get the job done without having to suffer from house cleaning mistakes like these.

5. Using The Wrong Tools For Dusting

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Specific tools might seem like they would be great for dusting but can cause damage to your walls and floors over time! Feather dusters are not the best choice when it comes to house cleaning mistakes – even if you’re careful with them. While they might be great for removing dust from furniture, they are not designed for cleaning walls. The fibres end up catching on your paint or wallpaper and can even leave behind dirt that will fly around when you remove it.

The experts at Sidepostadvise there are better options for getting rid of dust particles without causing damage to the surfaces in your home – such as microfiber cloths that will trap dirt and dust without the risk of fibres falling off. If you’re looking for a way to go even further with your duster, look into an electrostatic cloth as well as these can help grab dust from surfaces such as electronics and household appliances.

6. Not Using Microfiber Cloths To Remove Stains From Counters

The greatest house cleaning mistake you can make when removing stains from your countertops is using paper towels or other fibres. This will only move the stain around, potentially causing permanent damage to your property!

With a simple spot of water in the centre of the cloth, you can wipe down most play surfaces to rid them of stains in no time.

7. Overestimating the Power of Water To Remove Stubborn Stains

Source: cnet.com

In many cases, water is not strong enough to remove certain types of stubborn stains from your floors or countertops. To save yourself from house cleaning mistakes that can damage the surfaces you’re trying out this tactic, it’s best to try another method to remove the stains first.

The most effective way to get rid of stubborn stains that won’t budge is with a little bit of elbow grease and paper towels or rags. Just soak up as much of the stain as you can and wipe down the area – after letting it sit for a bit. Too much detergent or fabric softener can leave behind an unpleasant residue on your clothing that will fade over time after its rewashed. This also applies to other surfaces in your home.

If you notice your floors or countertops are feeling a bit slippery after using one of these products, it’s best to go with something like vinegar to make sure you don’t risk anything in the future!

House cleaning mistakes come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to chemical reactions. When you mix bleach and vinegar, it will create a dangerous gas that is potentially explosive. If not mixed correctly, the result can be an explosion or fire in some cases! You also run the risk of damaging your surfaces when this reaction occurs over time.

When trying to clean off any mold or mildew left after a shower or bath, opt for one of the other cleaning methods instead. This is an effective way to prevent house cleaning mistakes from occurring without any extra effort.

Luckily, the best house cleaning mistakes are easy to avoid with some planning ahead. If you need more tips on house cleaning, you may click here.

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