Your Complete Guide to Streaming EURO 2024 Live

Ready to get back to normal in 2024? After the disappointing cancelation of EURO 2024, fans are more ready than ever to enjoy the action that comes with cheering on their favorite teams. Fortunately, EURO 2024 is just around the corner and you can stream the big games — or any of the games — from wherever you are.

Action You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’re a European football fan junkie, you’ve been waiting for these matchups for years. While this year’s experience will look a little different, it’s bound to give you the football fix you’ve been looking for. The truth is, every game is bound to be exciting, but come June 2024 when EURO 2024 kicks off, find out more here. There are a few games you don’t want to miss.

Turkey vs. Italy


The opening game of EURO 2024 promises to be charged with excitement — and not just because it’s the first game in the series. If you’ve been following football for a while, you know it’s been 21 years since Turkey and Italy last played against one another in a tournament like this.

More than two decades ago, Italy pulled off a win, 2-1. With Turkey racking up losses in the last four opening games and losing to Italy during their last 10 matches, they’re definitely coming in as the underdogs. Will they pull off a major win — and major upset? — when they come together for their June 11 match?

England vs. Scotland


It’s no secret that there’s long been competition between these neighbors, and it’s no different when it comes to the pride they take in their football teams. It’s Scotland’s first EURO finals appearance since 1996 — when England was hosting the games — and their match was memorable. Scotland’s last FIFA appearance was just a few years later, so it’s been a while since they’ve been in the limelight.

Are you one of those who believe good things come to those who wait? This could be one game that goes down in history, and you won’t want to miss out on having seen it happen live on June 18.

Germany vs. Hungary


Recently competitive after more than four decades of sitting out large-scale tournaments, Hungary has been on a mission to create a place for its team on the field. With late-game comebacks and dramatic finishes wrapping up their 2024 season, Hungary shows no signs of slowing down, sitting ahead of Russia, Serbia, and Turkey in their group’s ranking.

Germany’s recent performances haven’t been lackluster, so this game promises teams that are well-matched and driven — for plenty of on-the-edge of your seat game time. Catch them in action on June 23.

Where to Stream EURO Live 2024

With games being hosted in multiple locations across 12 different countries, keeping track of where and how you’ll be able to watch the games can be a little confusing. There’s no need to dread the process of tracking down your favorite teams and the most important matches. A little bit of legwork beforehand can have you enjoying the games just as easily as you have in the past, no matter what time zone you happen to be in.

Free Streaming Options

Looking for streaming options that won’t cut into your snack budget for the games? Here are the platforms you can use for free to watch EURO 2024.

  • France: TFI; M6
  • Germany: ARD; ZDF
  • Italy: RAI
  • UK: ITV; BBC

Paid Streaming Options

Willing to splurge during the games for more coverage, analyses, and other bonus content? You may want to consider using one of the following platforms to stream EURO 2024. With big-name companies cashing in on the games, you may even find you’re already a subscriber to a platform that will give you access to everything you need.

Hulu, YouTube TV, AT&T TV, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC will all have full coverage of EURO 2024 for those who are looking for US coverage.

Make the Most of Streaming EURO 2024


Once you know where you can find full coverage of the EURO 2024 games you’re most looking forward to, it’s time to focus on how you’ll be streaming the most-talked-about matches.

Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN): A tip for you to stream EURO 2024 is using a VPN. Click here to find out what a VPN is. This software will help you avoid any regional restrictions that exist while giving you better access to area-specific content. Once your VPN is installed, simply select a server that has the content you’re looking for. As a bonus, you can enjoy a secure connection and worry less about hackers gaining access to sensitive billing or personal information linked to your streaming accounts.

Get your schedule situated: There’s nothing worse than showing up for an anticipated game and finding you had the time wrong. It’s even more likely to happen if you’re tuning in from another time zone halfway around the world. Get together a detailed schedule like this and remember to double-check those times. Mark them on your calendar in your local time to avoid any heartbreaking mistakes and make a note about which platform (if you’re using more than one) you plan to watch it on.

Set up needed accounts well in advance: Don’t wait until you’re under the gun to get your apps and accounts set up on your device. Install any apps you need on the devices you’ll stream on well in advance so you have time to troubleshoot any unexpected problems. Squeeze in some trial viewing in advance for an extra sports fix and you’re good to go.

Ready, set, go! Get any game day supplies you need, including your favorite snacks and beverages, sit back and enjoy your favorite teams and they make their way to victory!

Another EURO in the Books

Keeping tabs on your favorite teams has never been easier. As another exciting season comes to a close and we’re facing a long-awaited EURO tournament, streaming technology means you’ll never miss an anticipated game because of your current location. Fire those devices up and you’ll be ready to cheer on your favorite teams and players in no time at all.

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