Fish Eagle : National Bird of Zambia

National Bird of Zambia

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The smart African Fish Eagle is the national bird of Zambia. This Eagle is known throughout the world as a symbol of strength and often used the power of a company, country or organization. The African continent is proud of the majestic bird of prey. Some other countries also use the emblem of the Fish Eagle on their marks and flags to indicate the power and strength of their country.
It is the most well-known bird of prey in Africa. The African fish eagle has a typical reputation that some describe it as a “Sound of Africa”. As its name implies, the African fish eagle mainly exists on fishes of the water with their big claws. However, it is also known as prey to birds, depend upon the size of a young flamingo.

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Biology of National Bird of Zambia 

Discussing the biology of the bird, it is a proficient hunter, love to hunt bulk of live fish of its diet. Usually it seeks the post from a branch of a tree with high altitude, where it observes the movement of fish very near to the water’s surface. Once the prey is viewed, the fish eagle departures from its perch, flows over the water and at the crucial moment, throwing both feet forward to enter its target with powerful claws. Small fish are transported by air into a tree, but larger catches are pulled through the water to the shore. Almost in seven or eight fishing attempts becomes successful to get its prey, but never spend more than ten minutes daily for this hunting game.

[table caption=”Fish Eagle Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Zambia
3,Wingspan,2.4 m (7.9 ft)
5,Mass Male,2.1 to 3.6 kg
6,Mass Female,2.1 to 3.6 kg
7,Body Length,63–75 cm

Interesting Facts about Fish Eagle

National Bird of Zambia
• African fish eagle is not a “real” eagle, but belongs to the Haliaeetus Genus of sea eagles along seven other species in the world too, including the bald eagles and the Eurasian eagle white tail. This is one of the oldest genres of all living birds.

• These Eagles are normally known as kleptoparasites, which means that they usually steal the prey from other birds and species. Goliath Herons and Saddle Billed Storks are the common victims of this piratical behavior.

• Fish-Eagle-toes are covered with pointed barbs; these barbs are known as Spiricules, which assist them to catch fish and other slippery prey.

• Fish Eagles do not only eat fish of water, but also they love to hunt ducks, terrapins, waterfowls, crocodiles and even flamingos of soda lakes of East Africa.

• It uses lighter than humans as it hasfive times light-sensitive cells that the human can seeing their eyes, and have five basic colors as compared to the human eye which can see only three. African fish eagles are able to locate prey to be camouflaged away from its complex view.

• African Fish eagle got sharp claws that can move up to 5 cm long and are used to catch fish quickly and efficiently from the water and snatch effective and fast moving prey from the soil as well. Some Eagles have been reported to grab cat fish; that is identical in size and weight of the Fish Eagles. Only one of the six attempts to hunt is successful, but this does not depress the eagle.

Fish Eagle Picture

picture of Fish Eagle

Fish Eagle Pics

Haliaeetus vocifer Visarend Schreiseeadler
Lake Naivasha, Kenya, August 2011 Ingo Waschkies

Fish Eagle Picture

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