6 Tips to Find a Reliable Amazon Freight Forwarder

Have you been a seller at some online platform? If yes, then you might have heard of the term Amazon freight forwarder. No doubt that exports and imports play a significant role in such a business. However, it requires a lot of money to invest in logistics. And apart from that proper skill set, technology is also needed. Here comes the role of freight forwarder, which helps you in this process without being stuck in logistics.

In simpler terms, the freight forwarder is a forwarding agent who takes care of all the shipments for an individual or a company. Its primary purpose is to pick the goods from the producer’s location and deliver it to the destination. It provides various services like warehousing, cargo insurance, booking cargo spaces, freight consolidation, etc.

Are you also searching for a freight forwarder but don’t know how to get a reliable one? If yes, then you probably have come to the right spot. This article has shared some tips to help you find a reliable and fantastic freight forwarding agent for your business. Let us go through these tips one by one:

1. Ask them about their network:


It’s significant for a cargo forwarder to have a dependable and set up global organization. This assists with working with the delivery interaction for their customers for a more smoothed out start to finish measure. The more extensive the network it has worldwide means it is a reliable source to fulfil all your shipment needs or requirements.

Ensure that the freight agency you choose must be available in the country from/to which you are shipping. Note down the detailed information about these agents and do your research. One such example of a freight services provider with a vast network across various countries is BeFBA.

2. Check the tracking facilities:

These days, having the option to track any shipment, be it your DHL package or some order from Amazon you’re hanging tight for, is an unquestionable requirement. The equivalent applies to the transportation business. An expanding number of freight forwarders are going advanced, and offering a 24/7 track and follow administration for your freight ought to be an essential component.

With the following assistance, you can more readily design your calculated necessities and surrender your heads for an elective arrangement if things turn bad. This gives you a genuine feeling of serenity and guarantees that you satisfy your obligation to suppliers and customers along with your store network. Check out amazon fba forwarder china to get such excellent services.

3. Check their license:


Another essential aspect to consider while picking up the right freight forwarder for your business is checking their license. Having a license means that the agency will act only according to the rules mentioned by the licensing authority. It means that you won’t have to stress much on thinking it is a reliable source or not.

A licensed freight forwarding agency like Worldwide Logistics will follow all the regulations and ensure that the prices are also kept standard. Even if they have mistreated you, you can register a complaint against them. Therefore, the license gives you the security that your shipment process is in the hand of some reliable amazon fba.

4. Learn about their rates:

A massive piece of the sea cargo industry stays murky even today. There might be many driving advanced cargo forwarders that are running after infusing value straightforwardness. It’s still, in every case, great to get a breakdown of what benefits their compartment transporting rates incorporate.

For instance, certain assistance like customs-related charges and documentation might be incorporated in their rates by some forwarders yet not by others. By and large, freight forwarders with a broad and solid organization can give more practical arrangements and extra advantages like traditions leeway, shipment tracking facility, and so on.

5. Ask if they offer cargo insurance:


Various freight forwarders are more than fit for offering your cargo some protection. It is essential since no one can tell when a mishap might happen and seriously sway your business. Cargo insurance is a little cost to pay for your genuine feelings of serenity.

This protection will cover the land, ocean, and air courses and cover your load shipment costs. Therefore, it is better to ask your freight forwarders if they offer such a service or not. Most of the reliable agencies do offer their clients cargo insurance.

6. Follow the ratings to know about their reputation:

Nowadays, most people are smart enough to make their choice by researching online. The same you can do when it comes to choosing the right freight forwarding company. Go to their online business websites and check the reviews. By looking at those reviews, you would better understand where that particular freight forwarding agency stands.


Handling imports and exports is a challenging process significantly when you have just stepped into the online marketplace. But freight forwarders can make this possible and easy for you. Hire a freight forwarding agent that can assist you with all your requirements. Make sure to check out the above tips to find a reliable source that can handle your shipments well.

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