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European Waste Reduction Week November 19

We are going to share today is what national day ? Reducing the waste production of each citizen is at stake in this “European Waste Reduction Week” initiated in France by ADEME and the Ministry of Sustainable Development.

European Waste Reduction Week November 19

Ask the right questions

  • Why throw away 40 kg of kitchen waste per person, while it would be so simple to make compost for plants?
  • Why use 365 bottles of water a year, when you could use a carafe and a tap?
  • Why accept to receive 35 kg of printed advertising that one will never read, rather than to put a stop sign on his mailbox?
  • Why throw a device out of order when one piece needs to be changed?

Avoiding simplistic discourse

Beyond the often simplistic answers provided by the official discourse and the “pure and hard” ecologists, these questions merit reflection and modification of our habits.

As many city dwellers, you will never have the use of a compost bin … but you can at least promote when purchasing the products using the least packaging.

You will not often have the convenient opportunity to repair your appliance defective because the manufacturer will be careful to make accessible the broken part … but you will always be able to buy better and more durable or even leave to the store the battalion of unnecessary apparatus which is proposed to you!

Each citizen produces 1 kg of household waste every day. Imagine, across the country, what a 20% reduction would be! This reduction is possible, at the cost of the daily efforts of each.

The European Week of Waste Reduction invites us to ask ourselves these questions so that everyone, on his scale, can effectively reduce the amount of waste he produces on a daily basis.

A European mobilization

The European Week for Waste Reduction is managed by ADEME and the Ministry of Sustainable Development. It applies equally to associations engaged in sustainable development, as well as to businesses, administrations, schools and individuals. So you and me.

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