European Car Auctions: Where to Buy a Car?

The process of buying a used car has become technically advanced primarily due to the emergence of special platforms – online auctions. For the buyer, this is an opportunity to make an informed and correct choice and turn the purchase into a comfortable and safe process. In Europe, there are several auctions for the sale of used cars, the most popular of which we want to tell you about in our review.

The most popular European car auctions

Our review involves online auctions for used autos:

  • PLC Auction
  • Manheim
  • Exleasingcar
  • Copart Europe
  • Vavato
  • British Car Auctions (BCA)
  • RM Sotheby’s
  • Autorola

1. PLC Auction


This is a multi-auction, where there are lots exhibited on the most famous sites of the world, including European ones. By participating in PLC Aucton auctions the buyer gets access to a huge number of lots and comprehensive information about each of them.

The platform provides a quick and easy search through a whole set of filters. Among the main advantages of PLC Auction:

  • Quick registration. To register, you need to upload screenshots of documents confirming your identity, e.g. passport, driver’s license. After the documents are verified by the administrator, the user gets access to participate in the auction.
  • Assortment of lots. The user gets access to all lots, among which the so-called “insurance” lots are of special interest – cars offered by insurance companies. Usually, only licensed companies have access to such lots, but PLC Auction gives the opportunity to buy them to all users, without exception.
  • Payment. After the auction is won, the user will receive an invoice for payment, which is valid for 3 days. Payment can be made using any known payment system: Stripe (using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., Apple Pay, Google Pay), through the cash desk of any bank.
  • Real-time delivery and tracking. The auction not only offers a comfortable environment for selection but also takes care of all stages of delivery and registration of the machine. Therefore, the user needs only to select the car and make the necessary deposit. The buyer can find out at any time where the car he bought is located – this possibility is realized in the personal cabinet.

2. Manheim

Unlike other major auctions, Manheim offers mostly unused cars. The reputation of the site is good, according to users, the description of lots at the auction is as accurate as possible, and only real photos are presented.

Used cars with cosmetic repairs or in very poor technical condition are practically not found here. The site also sells used cars, but most of them are ready for use, i.e. do not require repair. Their cost is higher than at similar auctions, but you can buy a car cheaper than on the local market.

This auction is categorized as a private auction where only dealers can participate. The platform is responsible for the reliability of information. Buyers choose Manheim to buy cars that are not well represented on the European market.

3. Exleasingcar


An international platform where all types of vehicles (trucks, cars, motorcycles) are sold. The auction has a wide functionality. In the description of lots are real data on mileage, history, damage, equipment, and characteristics of cars. This is one of the auctions where you can find cars with low mileage, in good technical condition. Very often for the sale of their vehicles this site is used by enterprises and companies.


Another auction where only licensed dealers can participate. An online marketplace with daily access to more than 3,000 cars. Among the advantages of the site are the ability to search for cars on the sites (the “Car Location” function), quick access to reports on the car’s operating history by VIN code, viewing photo reports, creating watch lists for lots at auction, etc.

5. Copart Europe


Copart auctions are attended by a large number of buyers. The site does not use arbitrage, vehicles are sold as is and where is, which attracts many dealers. The site has been in existence for over 20 years.

About 175 thousand cars are sold at Copart online auctions. Many of the cars have minor external damage and are ready for use. Buyers are given the opportunity to choose how the cars are delivered.

6. Vavato

A platform that was founded in 2016. The auction sells a large number of used cars and equipment. The platform can be accessed both from a computer and a smartphone. The founders emphasize digital technology and simple bidding conditions for both sellers and buyers.

This auction does not require a deposit to bid. If a bidder wins the auction, an email will be sent to the bidder with an invitation to pay and all necessary information. Payment can be made by bank transfer or online.

7. British Car Auctions (BCA)


British Car Auctions (BCA) stands as a titan in the European car auction scene. It’s not just the size of BCA that impresses; it’s the sheer diversity of vehicles on offer that truly sets it apart. Whether you’re a dealer, a private buyer, or just an automobile enthusiast, BCA’s network of auction sites across Europe offers an unrivaled spectrum of choices. From nearly new cars to commercial vehicles, the range caters to all needs and budgets. What’s more, BCA simplifies the buying process with user-friendly online platforms, making participation in auctions a breeze regardless of your location. This accessibility is a significant draw, providing buyers with opportunities to snag great deals on a wide array of vehicles.

8. RM Sotheby’s

Shifting gears to the realm of luxury and classics, RM Sotheby’s epitomizes the pinnacle of high-end car auctions. As a globally recognized brand, RM Sotheby’s specializes in the extraordinary, dealing in the rarest and most collectible vehicles in the world. Their auctions are not just sales; they are grand events that attract collectors and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The cars auctioned by RM Sotheby’s are more than just modes of transport; they are pieces of history, embodiments of art and engineering. This auction house is where you’ll find vintage Ferraris, classic Porsches, and one-of-a-kind luxury cars, each with a story that adds to its allure and value. The experience of participating in an RM Sotheby’s auction is as exclusive as the vehicles it offers.

9. Autorola


Autorola brings a different flavor to the car auction market. It’s an international online auction platform, but its specialty lies in fleet cars and vehicles sourced from dealers and private sellers. This makes Autorola a go-to destination for buyers looking for well-maintained, fleet-used vehicles with clear histories. The platform’s international reach allows for a broad assortment of cars, ranging from economical city cars to premium models. Autorola’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive vehicle descriptions make it easy for buyers to make informed decisions, all from the comfort of their homes or offices. It’s a modern solution to car buying, blending convenience with a wide selection, catering to a global audience of car buyers and sellers.

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