How the Paris Major 2024 European RMR Turned Upside Down?

The European RMR for the upcoming Paris Major event distinguishes itself from prior ones in several ways. The qualification process has seen surprises, such as 9INE securing their spot in the main event, and FaZe Clan struggling and facing the possibility of missing their first CS:GO Major since Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015. This prompts the question: Is this shift in qualification signals a true change or a singular occurrence? Let’s try to find it out in more detail.

Brief Intro & Current Rankings


The concluding match day of the European RMR A took place on April 9, featuring four Bo3 meetings. The triumphant teams of OG, Apeks, and MOUZ earned their places in the Paris Major, while the likes of Team Falcons, B8 Esports, and FaZe Clan have one final opportunity to secure their positions through replays.

Moving on to April 15, the Paris Major 2024: European RMR’s ultimate game day will determine the last slot for the tournament. FaZe Clan, Cloud9, and BIG, along with Monte and Team Vitality vying for 3rd place in Group B, will compete in Bo3 format games.

Following the first stage, the Buchholz score of the victorious teams are as follows:

  • FaZe Clan: 8
  • Cloud9: 4
  • BIG: 1

The upcoming clash between FaZe Clan and Cloud9 is the second game in the European RMR Decider tournament. Both teams have landed themselves in this precarious position due to their subpar performances in RMR A and B matches, setting the stage for a lengthy and hard-fought battle.

Despite the challenges, FaZe Clan is the favored team with 1.56 odds at GGBET, compared to C9’s 2.4. In addition to the enticing odds, provides their webmasters with the opportunity to lucratively monetize this audience, offering payouts of up to €220 on CPA and up to 60% on RevShare. So, if you’re an eSports enthusiast and enjoy wagering on CS:GO, read on for a preview of both teams and what to anticipate from this highly anticipated encounter.

FaZe Clan’s Anomaly


Despite winning the $1,000,000 Intel Grand Slam race a mere few weeks ago, karrigan and the team are currently in danger of failing to qualify for the Major. However, the team had ample opportunities for a confirmed trip to Paris during the qualification process, especially after they emerged victorious in their matches against OG and Apeks.

While their defeat to NAVI was regrettable, it was not a significant setback. The most unexpected outcome was FaZe Clan’s losses to both Bad News Eagles and MOUZ. Even though the latter team deserves respect, a team that recently won the Grand Slam should be able to surpass them with ease given their current status.

What Was the Team Reaction to Final Defeats?

There is an apparent issue within the FaZe Clan team. During their recent matches, the players exhibited noticeable frustration whenever something went wrong, a behavior that was previously unseen from the team. After their loss to NAVI, Twistzz made a Twitter post admitting that he hasn’t been feeling the game lately. This admission is unhelpful for a team that needs its star rifler to be at the top of their game, especially with everything on the line.

Following their final loss, IGL karrigan’s initial Twitter reaction was brief, with just two words – “shit show.” Later on, he provided more context with a much stronger tweet. Although the team is active on social media, there has been a significant change in tone that clearly suggests something is not right with the team.

What to Expect Next?

The FaZe Clan’s response to their recent defeats has been markedly different from their usual fiery and emotional reactions. This change in tone is particularly noteworthy in the case of karrigan, who has been one of the team’s legendary players. Is this a sign that he is past his prime and in need of fresh ideas? It remains to be seen if this is the beginning of the end for one of the best CS:GO squads ever.

Changes in Tone and Implications for the Future


The recent changes in tone from the FaZe Clan team have raised concerns among fans and analysts alike. Following their final defeat in the European RMR, team members exhibited noticeable frustration and a departure from their usual fiery and emotional reactions. This change in attitude is particularly significant in the case of in-game leader (IGL) karrigan, who has been known for his passionate leadership style.

This shift in tone suggests that something is not right within the team, and it raises questions about the future of the roster. Is this a sign that karrigan is past his prime and in need of fresh ideas? Has the team lost its edge after winning the Intel Grand Slam just a few weeks ago? These are all valid concerns that need to be addressed if the FaZe Clan hopes to remain competitive in the CS:GO scene.

The implications of these changes in tone could be significant for the future of the FaZe Clan. If the team is unable to bounce back and regain its competitive edge, it may be time for roster changes or a complete overhaul of the team’s strategy. This could involve bringing in new players or coaching staff to provide fresh ideas and perspectives. Alternatively, the team may need to take a step back and reevaluate their approach to the game, focusing on improving communication and teamwork.

Overall, the changes in tone from the FaZe Clan team are concerning and highlight the need for the roster to address its issues and make changes to remain competitive. Only time will tell whether the team can bounce back from their recent defeats and regain their place as one of the best CS:GO teams in the world.

All things considered, Group B of the European RMR is packed with talented teams, and only three of them will advance to the Decider Bracket. Will FaZe Clan manage to bounce back, or have they lost their edge after winning the Grand Slam? Only time will tell.

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